I told my wife I will start pioneering next month ...

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  • sacolton

    1914 is the cornerstone to all their doctrine. If 1914 didn't happen - neither did 1918 when Jesus approved the organization. If that didn't happen, well ... you got nothing more than a few men who are just winging it with their own theocratic agenda.

  • chickpea

    great outcome for you mate....
    i would have been worried she
    would insist on "pioneer hours"
    to hold you to your bet!!!

    JW have conventions
    JW make the best magazines
    JW have meetings where I feel good

    there has to be any number of
    Xn offshoot religions that can
    give her all three of those criteria

    i know there are televised evangelical
    services that appear not to differ all
    that much from a "convention" atmosphere....

    the peeps attending seem so moved by spirit
    they raise their arms in praise of their lord cheeses

  • AudeSapere


    I would venture to guess that if she likes conventions (upbuilding and op to meet others) and meetings where she feels good (guidance, encouragement, fellowship, sense of belonging) I would venture to guess that she would REALLY enjoy some sort of volunteer community involvement. Either a beautification project, feed the hungry, nature walk, etc. Could be a way to get her to see good in non-witnesses and non-witness activities.

    As for the magazines, maybe a subscription to National Geographic, Smithsonian, Readers Digest, and some other non-denominational magazine. Something that focuses on the beauty of creation and the goodness of people.

    Might be something to help her set aside the Watchtower and actually start re-connecting with real-life and the real world.


  • AudeSapere

    You might be able to subscribe and sign up for community project without even refering back to the JW conversation.

    She may just follow with you.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Isaac- to prove GB is a good idea, i thin it will be the next bet...

    Darth, Billy: Thanks for ideas...

    Nathan: great plan, but I dont promise I have a stomach for that recently....


  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    And she concluded: "But I cant help myself it must be the truth, because nobody else makes such nice magazines..."

    Tell her you're going to join the Holy House of Heffner, based on that advice.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Sacolton: you are right, thats why they stick to 1914 so fanaticaly...

    Chickpea: Yes, good start is to get them to look around to se they are not as unique as they think they are...

    Aude Sapere: I got involved in local humanist organization, we became fosterparents of an orphant in Kenya and I bring there my son to help... I wish my wife will get actively involved there as well...

    TJ: Great idea, I will get some Heffner magazines tomorrow to impress my wife


  • diamondiiz


    My wife's excuse is that she learns so much at the meetings :) I ask her what new things does she learn and I get no response, but hey..whatever.. At least your wife has frank discussions with you, mine can't since she's avoiding it and I have a feeling she knows that I am right about the wts fraud but it's hard for her to leave the cult.

    Since your wife likes the magz, didn't wts change the main purpose of the mags several times to get away from making it look like the generation of 1914 would see the end and some other miner changes over the years? Maybe that could be a good discussion over how wonderful the magz are with decieving the readers. How can she place magz that are deceptive in nature in hands of innocent people who may have no idea about corruption and lies by wts leaders? I think this may have made my wife stop going out in service a while back which is one reason that I believe that she's not buying the full wts BS but is doing her routine for some odd reason maybe to have her mother happy since she's the only one of the kids that still goes to the meetings.

    I wish you all the best getting your wife out of the cult.

  • Tuesday
  • JW have conventions
  • So do many other groups, so do businesses. What does that matter?

  • JW make the best magazines
  • Isn't that really up to debate based on personal opinion. Someone else might think their religion makes better magazines. You should order her Ray Comfort's magazine so she can see someone who can afford to hire writers and what their stuff looks like.

  • JW have meetings where I feel good
  • Because she couldn't feel good at churches? This would boil down to her internal satisfaction, why would Jehovah reward her for going to meetings when the whole reason she goes is only to feel good?

  • bohm

    AE: There is a quote floating around where Fred Franz himself debunk the idea of a GB in jerusalem. Its from a convention. You can give it to her without telling the source and let her redicule it before telling her who said it.... ;-).

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