I told my wife I will start pioneering next month ...

by Albert Einstein 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • mouthy

    So friends, keep your fingers crossed for me tonight....


    Sitting here with fingers, eyes,legs,ALL crossed Lets see if that helps

  • Tuesday

    Did you set up any ground rules? To me I think that she will just quote the scriptures and tell you what they mean. She'll quote the 70 years of desolation, use 537 as the starting date to bring you to 607 BCE. Then she'll use the scripture about 7 days of years, then the "Day is as a thousand years" thing to move it to 1914. Then when you question it she'll do the "I've shown you from the scriptures how it's gotten".

  • hotspur

    Tuesday - you forgot the 'no year zero' rule!

  • garyneal

    I agree with Tuesday in that they will do just enough 'research' to satisfy themselves (which isn't much) and believe that you are not being a teachable student and leaning too much 'on your own understanding.'

  • AllTimeJeff


    That is a great sucker bet! You don't qualify as a pioneer, and there is no evidence of 607 BCE at all!

    The challenge for her is to ask for just one scholarly source who isn't a JW (and not a pyramidologist) who will substantiate the 607 date. Just one. That will send her outside of the SI book and Insight Volumes...

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Tuesday, Garyneal,

    the important point is - my wife is not fanatic, and is very open to discussion. She see many wrong things in the org and is open. We had so many deep discussions about 1914, Rutherford, generation, blood, alternative service (I almost got in príson years ago because of the stupid GB position...) I think she knows she cannot win, but just want to do "the deep reasearch evening on 1914". If she will outloudly admit JWs are wrong on 1914 I dont know... Till now she often concludes our discussions with some ridiculous statements like: "It must be the Truth, because nobody else makes such nice magazines... " (yesterday...)

    Me pioneering? Technically it would be propbably impossible now, but was a bet - strong statement to show how sure Iam on the subject and she accepted the challenge.


  • wobble

    Good luck again Albert !

    Another Elder who I asked to prove 1914 from the Bible referred me to Daniel Chapter 4 ,the "seven times " , and I said "but it just is not there !

    If God was making some great prophecy about the end of the gentile Times, surely he would have put a clue in the chapter ,like he did with the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 ?"

    that Elder never came back to me either.



  • sacolton

    Not only will she need to prove 1914, but also 607 BCE ... not a simple task for even the most studious JW.

    The best line to get a JW thinking is to say "Help me understand ..." and they will actually take the bait.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein


    OK, So I will not pioneer next month ...

    We had the discussion last night, my wife got Insights, I got bunch of documents from old WT publications how 1914/607 have developed and my wife sincerely admitted, that its all interesting and 1914 probably isnt right... "Well after all its not really importatnt, because we do not preach 1914 t pepople´s door..."

    And she concluded: "But I cant help myself it must be the truth, because nobody else makes such nice magazines..."

    But I must say, she does great progress, today she admits most WT teachings/policies are wrong ... the last points to deal with are:

    • JW have conventions
    • JW make the best magazines
    • JW have meetings where I feel good

    Well its not easy to deal with these points...


  • Heaven

    because nobody else makes such nice magazines..."

    Now THERE's a reason to join a religion.

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