How do you know the Bible is from God?

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  • EverAStudent

    Someone wrote, "Hmmm...Re the statement about Babylon being rebuilt - do you believe that because you have been TOLD that? OR because you've actually seen it and been there? Because that kind of thing used to be big for me too - however, if you google it, you will find that is not the case. Saddam Hussein actually preserved part of it, re-built part of it and there is a huge international effort going on right now to restore it. People DO still live in Babylon."

    The Bible does not prophesy that Babylon will never be rebuilt or inhabited in our history. In fact, it states that Babylon the Great is preserved in some fashion until the end of the Great Tribulation where it is finally destroyed (Revelation 18:21).

  • sir82
    The most convincing thing for me is that it has never been disproved. In spite of people working night and day to do that!

    1) Plenty of stuff from the Bible has been disproved. That a flood covered 100% of the earth 4400 years ago, for one thing.

    2) The Rigveda has never been "disproved" either...should I become a Hindu?

  • AGuest

    So the genocide, slavery, sexism, witchhunting, stoning, baby-stabbing, and general overwhelming dickishness parts... All "from god"?

    No. All from the "false pen" of the "scribes." Jeremiah 8:8

    If you want to know God, you must KNOW Christ... who is the IMAGE of the living God and exact representation of His being. Christ resurrected people, not killed them. He released people, not enslaved them. He made no difference between men and women (although his disciples wanted to). When a man was expelled for saying his blindness had been healed, he went looking for him. When men with demons were brought to him... rather than rail that such ones should burned at the stake... he lovingly and compassionately confronted such demons... and told them to get out. When a woman was brought to him by men WISHING to stone her... his words sent them... and her... away without a scar. He resurrected childen and called them to him. And, well, I don't quite know what "dickishness" is.

    BUT... that is what made me look even harder for the True God. I had learned about this person, "Jesus,"... and read about him. But nothing in religion really helped me to KNOW him. Only to know OF him. And that just wasn't enough for me. I felt that if this... man... had given his life for me... and as a result I "owed" him... then I needed to know that man: what kind of person he REALLY was.

    In doing so, I not only came to know HIM... but his Father. And through that I have learned that, with few exceptions, the unsubstantiated acts of cruelty, anger, bias, etc., ATTRIBUTED to the MOST Holy One of Israel... either did not occur... or occurred at the hand of EARTHLING MAN... who attributed it to Him.

    Was Moses wrong when he wrote what he did? Not as to what HE wrote. Those who came after him, however, are culpable.

    Thus, my Lord did not only expose the false religious LEADERS (i.e., priests and Pharisees)... but also the false religious WRITERS: "Woe, to you... scribes...!" There is a REASON the scribes were included as those who were misleading God's people... and mankind in general. My Lord, however, came... to bear witness to the TRUTH.

    I bid you all peace!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who has learned that the Bible is merely a book, indeed a compilation of books, letters, etc., and of no more consequence than any other "holy" book, all of which are inanimate objects, which can save no one... and that if one is looking for "salvation," one should consider looking to the One THAT book... bears witness TO.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    It's too squirly of a book to believe that one intelligent being actually wrote it. Too much has been disproven for me to buy into it, anymore.

  • Satanus

    'If something is shown to be in the Bible I don't have a problem in accepting it as the word of God.'

    There, but for the grace of alan feuerbacher, go i.


  • inkling
    The most convincing thing for me is that it has never been disproved.

    Wait, what exactly "has never been disproved"?

    Numerous specific claims that the bible makes HAVE been, conclusively, disproved.


  • EverAStudent

    The word "proven" and "disproven" have been thrown around alot. When it comes to literary interpretation (and that includes interpreting the Bible) very little can be proven or disproven, just studied, analyzed, assumed, alleged, believed, and disbelieved.

    The goal of interpretation is to find out what the original author probably meant. This requires study and the search for evidences. Evidences is the name of the game, not proving.

    Virtually nothing has been proven erroneous about the Bible, though much has been alleged. Many of the historical references in the Bible have been demonstrated to be valid even though once they were alleged to be false (e.g. the existence of the HIttites, the T-shape of the cross, etc.).

    Evidence is rarely the same as proof, and allegations are of no value at all.

    In my studies, I have found the Bible to be a book of high credibility as supported by the evidence.

  • Heaven

    Evidences is the name of the game, not proving.

    Hmmmm... and yet, the Bible itself says to prove all things (1 Thessalonians 5:21: "Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good." KJV) .

  • EverAStudent

    A better translation of that verse into modern English is:

    But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; (1 Thessalonians 5:21 NASB)

  • inkling
    When it comes to literary interpretation (and that includes interpreting the Bible) very little can be proven or disproven, just studied, analyzed, assumed, alleged, believed, and disbelieved.

    So, your "interpretation" of the flood account is....?
    Do you think the Bible does NOT claim a worldwide
    flood some 4000 years ago?

    What about the creation account, in which the order
    of the appearance of the various life forms are in a very
    wrong order?

    If god's original intent was for a paradise earth, why
    did he create a planet (BEFORE human life) that was
    filled with killing and pain and disease?


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