How do you know the Bible is from God?

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    Something I have never been able to wrap myself around is the idea that god, this all powerful being chose to convey his all important "requirements" for pleasing him though a vehicle such as the bible. Surely there is a better way. This book has been interpreted in thousand of different ways.

  • Balsam

    I've read most of Bart Ehrman's books and I think he is right on spot. It changed my perspective of the meaning of scriptures much different than how churches and even JW's understand the words. Everything Drew Sagan has mentioned is great information.


  • frankiespeakin

    Brief Lecture on biblical manuscript tampering by Dr. Bart Ehrman:

    His website:

    Dr. Bart Eherman Commentaries recorded

  • wanderlustguy

    Maybe a larger question is why do you have to believe the bible is from God when everything you are saying shows you otherwise? Do you have to have the bible BE from God or if you never ever saw one, would you believe anyway?

    Isn't is interesting how we always have to try to make some other piece fit somewhere when in reality, if every bible on the planet was burned, your faith would be the same, wouldn't it?


  • inkling
    I really want to believe it, but, sometimes it is very difficult to figure out how it can be from God.

    Maybe god IS an asshole.

    I mean, where do we get off expecting that the universe owes us a good, kind, loving god?

    His natural world is for sure not exactly overflowing with warm fuzzy compassion and love.


  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    The Bible is NOT from the MOST Holy One of Israel, dear one. It was not conscripted by Him... nor was it compiled by Him... or anyone who served Him. The Bible contains "scripture," which IS from God. But not all of the Bible is "scripture." "Scripture" is Moses, the Psalms and the Prophets (before Christ came in the flesh)... and the Revelation and Apostle John's account... after Christ came in the flesh. "Scripture" is that which men wrote as they were borne along by the Holy Spirit... and TOLD to write. The rest is histories, records, chronologies, viewpoints, and letters to congregations and individuals (and a letter to an individual, while possibly containing some helpful/useful information for others, is still that: a letter to ONE person. For such letters in the Bible, while indeed their contents is insightful, if the MOST Holy One of Israel INTENDED it to go to a group of people, He would have had the writer ADDRESS it to and GREET the entire group intended).

    So, who is truly behind the compilation of the Bible? You only need to look at what it itself states... and the results of its existence... utter confusion, division, sects, war, murder, mental illness, hypocritical judging, hate, bigotry, abuse, and more... to know the answer:

    "For false christs (anointed) and false prophets will arise and will give great signs and wonders... so as to MISLEAD, IF POSSIBLE... EVEN THE CHOSEN ONES." Matthew 24:24

    The chosen ones were told who to put their faith in... who to listen to... by God... AND the One chose/chooses them. And that One speaks to them even to this day. He is WITH such ones... and HE leads them. Why? Because our Adversary, Satan... KEEPS transforming himself into an angel... of light. Thus, ALL who have come in place of our Lord... are thieves and plunderers. And all who deny him are antichrists.

    Perhaps when you get a chance, you will re-read John 5:39, 40. Before you do, however, IF you are TRULY wishing to know the TRUTH, go to the Father in prayer, in PRIVATE... and THROUGH Christ... and ask HIM to send you HIS Truth. Ask HIM to open the spirit realm to you... so that NO ONE of earthling man, including me, your servant, need teach you ANYTHING. Ask Him to send you His Holy Spirit... and ask Him to let That One teach you. Then... be ready. Do NOT doubt... and do not be in fear. Just be ready... and put FAITH... in what you hear... and, eventually, what you see. You can even ask Him if I am His servant through Christ... so that YOU will know. He will answer you... and if you are TRULY wishing it... it will be "opened" to you.

    But don't think it will be as earthling man has told you. No golden-haired angels singing choirboy songs and strumming cherrywood harps. Uh-uh. Be ready, and have courage. You CAN do this!

    I bid you the GREATEST of peace... and ears to hear... IF you truly wish them!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • inkling
    The Bible contains "scripture," which IS from God. But not all of the Bible is "scripture." "Scripture" is Moses, Psalms and the Prophets

    So the genocide, slavery, sexism, witchhunting, stoning, baby-stabbing, and general overwhelming dickishness parts...

    All "from god"?

  • cognac
    Maybe a larger question is why do you have to believe the bible is from God when everything you are saying shows you otherwise? Do you have to have the bible BE from God or if you never ever saw one, would you believe anyway?

    I feel there has to be something more to the bible. Since history seems to point to pieces of the bible being truthful, then I would think that other things such as Jesus miracles would be true. And if those are true, then what he promises should be true also.

    Frankie - Thanks for the links!

    Aguest - Thank-you so much for your input and help! I will do that!

    Inkling - It says in the scriptures that Satan is the ruler of the system. What if that is because God can't win Satan right now for some reason? What if they are about equal in power? What if what happened on earth was recorded in scripture as what Satan did, however, what Jesus told his apostles to write were actually from God? What if there is more to it that we just don't know about?

  • WTWizard

    I have one question: Where does the Bible get its authority from, the Bible? Where does it say that the Bible never lies, in the Bible?

    When something gets its authority from itself, it is time to start questioning if it is even valid.

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