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  • doublelife

    So my husband dragged me to the meeting this morning. I brought my new bible that I bought instead of the NWT and he didn't say anything about it. In the public talk, the speaker opened to Matt. 24:36 and applied that toward armageddon. I've never questioned it before but then he read the next verse and it looks like that is suppose to be applied to Jesus second coming. Now, I know the WTS says that Jesus' presence and armageddon are not going to happen at the same time. But, what do most people believe about that? Are they suppose to happen at the same time or not? I got upset when I realized that scripture means that we don't know when Jesus' presence will be so we can't claim that it's been going on since 1914. I had to calm myself down because I didn't want to make a scene. Later on in the talk, he read 2 Peter 3:11. I noticed that the NWT adds a word that's not in my bible, "deeds of godly devotion." My bible just says, "godliness." And of coarse he gives a list of what those deeds are: meetings, preaching work, conduct, dress and grooming, entertainment, speech, ect... This is the first meeting I've been to in over a month and I was just blown away with what I was seeing and hearing. This really is a cult. Before the meeting was over, my husband leans over and asked me if my bible has Jehovah's name in it. I said no and he goes, "I don't like it then." I thought it was interesting that he attacks my bible during the meeting instead of at home so that I can't defend the reason why. After we got in the car he told me that he turned my time in for me. I asked him what he put and he said zero. I told him I wasn't going to turn in anything but he said if he didn't then the secretary would be bugging him about it. Then he told me I had to go out in service this month because he didn't want to turn in zero time for me every month.

    Anyways, I'm not sure if I posted this in the right section but I just wanted to know, what do most believe about Jesus second coming and armageddon. Do they happen at the same time or not?

  • cantleave

    What bible do you have doublelife?

    I went today as well, first time in 3 weeks. The brother who conducted the watchtower is the least, Christ-like, least Kind, least merciful guy on our BOE. What a hypocryte for conducting a study imploring everyone to be more Christ-like. I suspose, however it isn't as hypocrytical as the Governing Body who published the article. How much humility and kindness do they show - none.


    The WBT$ never had a Bible,to back up thier BullShit..

    So they wrote one..


    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • doublelife

    cantleave: I have ESV.

  • AMomentWeBothKnew

    Doublelife, if you don't mind me asking, what's your story?

  • HappyDad

    Just tell your husband that IT IS NOT his place to turn in YOUr time. You are responsible for turning in your own time.

    I wish you well in your having to put up with going there to keep peace with your husband.


  • bohm

    doublelife: Thanks for the update, keep us posted!

  • penny2

    He needs to know that you are an individual in your own right and he can't force you to do anything. It's all voluntary.

    Congratulations on your bravery, doublelife.


  • Atomahawk

    He doesn’t like your Bible? Wow talk about nitpicking a detail. How many honest Christians would even bring something like that up.

    I don’t know your husband and don’t want to judge, but him turning in your time with 0 on it seems like a way to humiliate you. If he was so concerned about what the secretary would say, all he had to do is ask you about it before hand, if you chose not to put in a service report that’s none of his business. It’s funny how some will go out of there way to make another look like crap in order to keep up appearances.

    Then he told me I had to go out in service this month because he didn't want to turn in zero time for me every month.” I would just tell him you answer to a higher power and if you choose not to go out in service then it’s really between you and your god.

  • moshe

    JW's are scared of their shadow. I'm glad I have outgrown being scared of the Bible boggieman.

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