I went to the meeting today

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  • stillin9

    "After we got in the car he told me that he turned my time in for me. I asked him what he put and he said zero."

    That reminds me I gotta turn my time in as well. I believe they announced it today at the meeting but hell, I wasn't listening! lol

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I would have grabbed his ear and we would have had a "discussion" about his presuming to answer to the society for you. The nerve!

  • yesidid
    what do most believe about Jesus second coming and armageddon. Do they happen at the same time or not?

    From what I have read Jesus is going to do judging when he returns.

    So who will he judge if Armageddon has already come and everyone (accept a few JW's) is dead.

  • alanv

    It seems to me that most posters here are fairly convinced that JWs are not the true religon. If that is so then why are you still attending and worrying about putting in an unscriptual report. There comes a time when all of us need to stand up for ourselves. It is not always easy to do but in the long run I'm sure you would receive more respect. Just my own view.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Make sure to mark your Watchtower.

    Pick your question carefully.

    Get your answer right and your husband will crawling under his chair in shame.



  • finallysomepride

    Before finding jw.net I had thought abit of going back to see what it like, this site changed my mind, thank god, ops no thanks to you all LOL

  • mouthy

    So sorry to hear that your hubby is deciding how you THINK
    I think you should warn him that is a freedom that the Creator
    gave you,BRAIN! & told us to use it.
    Seems to me he is controlling...I am sorry to say,the WT has
    the" dividing rod"between husband & wife already.
    My own belief, at this point is ,Satan has control of the earth
    MY GOD>( Jesus Christ) is allowing that, but he is examining
    hearts....He guides ,leads ,& directs,if we ask him too ,
    but he does not intrude in our thoughts UNLESS we ask him to
    help us think straight.

    I believe his return is a future event
    I also believe NO ONE ,NO ONE,NO ONE
    knows when that return will be.
    I do "tick" God off at times ,as these cults
    are becoming more & more obvious,,
    listening to MEN!!!! seems to be a thing MOST
    folks want to do......Sorry for the long post. But I am MOUTHY

  • gubberningbody

    JW's reject their own Bible in a number of areas. If you look at the foonote on Mt 25:31 it points to an explanation of "the Son of man arriv[ing] in his glory...then he will sit down on his glorious throne" at Mt 19:28, which explains the "when" he arrives because it says "IN THE RE-CREATION when the Son of man sits down on his glorious throne." There he speaks to Peter telling him that this arriving in his glory will be "in the recreation". Later Peter speaks of this at 2 Pet. 3:13 "But there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting..."

    The "recreation" is when the judgement of the "separation of the sheep and the goats" comes. That judgment day is a period of time and the "brothers" of Mt. 25:40 is Jesus answering those who had no pharisaical attitude about their supposed righteousness, but during their lives did "something decent" - see that Mk 9:41 echoes the same thing and is likewise footnoted back to Mt. 25:40.. In the case of referring to them as a group, he addressses them as "my brothers". These "brothers" are no self-appointed-anointed in Brooklyn or elsewhere.

    Armageddon brings destruction, and JW's believe that the coming of the "Son of man" and the "separation of the sheep/goats" occur BEFORE the big A.

    My suspicions are that the big A is merely some naturally occuring catastrophe from which Jesus and Jehovah rescue mankind and that ALL the religions of man are wrong to a degree or another, but that instead of keeping humble, every single religion gets to thinking it has the key to the kingdom.

    The key to the kingdom is to be a loving human being and to attempt to do your best in living a life keeping in mind that we're all deficient on planet earth. No one has it right - and this is especially so if he or she DOES think they have it all right.

  • WTWizard

    Maybe you should put in zero time yourself. Since you now realize that the witlesses are using a Bible that has been tampered with (once you use a regular Bible, the lies become blatant), I would strongly recommend doing zero field circus and reporting zero field circus. To hell with the hounder that has to forward that report.

  • sacolton
    "deeds of godly devotion." My bible just says, "godliness." And of coarse he gives a list of what those deeds are: meetings, preaching work, conduct, dress and grooming, entertainment, speech, ect...

    Love Thy Neighbor?

    Do not Judge?

    Help widows and orphans in their distress?

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