Is the governing body anointed or self-appointed?

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  • 1914BS

    How is it that every member of the GB has claimed to be anointed when they themselves doubt the anointed status of R&F anointed? What makes the GB so sure of their anointedness?

  • Alwayshere

    They are self-appointed. Can't you tell from the lies they tell?

    your right about 1914. It is BS.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    ah yes they are appointed and yet they doubt others appointed status, so they must be the evil slave that turns and beats their brothers

    Luke 12:45-46

  • yknot

    Politics my dear sheer politics. far as self-appointed, members are now 'invited' by current GB to join the GB.

    Jack Barr grew up as a Bible Student when all Bible Students were considered anointed.

    Ted similarly was 6 when Rutherford decided to include a vast majority of the Bible Students along with the other sheep.

    The rest......well they are all born either in 1934 (Pierce), 1935 (Herd) or in the 40s and 50s, probably figuring out that those professing and had fantastic ministry records would progress a bit higer in the Organization.....

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    So what happens when all of the GB are born after 1975?

  • yknot

    Do biggie....

    Noo-light circa 2007, 1935 was not a sealing afterall.

    Noo-light, circa 2009 says the 1914 anointed generation overlaps each other

    Bro. Barr (96 yrs) The Righteous Ones will Shine as Brightly as the Sun
    Based on Matt 13. Sower of the wheat and the weeds. Sower is Jesus, the son of man, started to sow in 33 C.E. with the holy spirit being poured out. The sowing DOES NOT mean the preaching and teaching work to bring in the new sons. These ARE sons NOT will become sons!! This process of gathering sons will end. It has its limits. Main point we got was what Bro. Barr repeated twice, "Jesus Christ meant lives of the anointed who were on hand in 1914 would overlap with those whose lives of the anointed see the start of the Great Tribulation."We see the urgency of Jesus' words. The generation will have a definite end, can't be excessive long. Many of the anointed both older ones and younger ones have died BUT not all will die before the Great Tribulation.

    Stay tuned for more information that will come out on this subject!!!

  • whatcanIsay
    Many of the anointed both older ones and younger ones have died BUT not all will die before the Great Tribulation.

    They are still saying that? I heard that since the 60s! It is such a conflicting statement! Not all the 144,000 will die and go to heaven! OR will all need to die and go to heaven! and then the Great Tribulation will start! Revelation sorta debunks that theory because it says that the 144,000 are already sealed. SEALED! The remaining ones who need to be sealed are the great crowd who make it through the Great Tribulation and has washed their robes in the blood of the lamb and not the anointed 144,000.

    The Righteous Ones will Shine as Brightly as the Sun

    Is that the Sun(Son) who is going to come back with healing in his wings! I do not think the righteous one will shine as bright as Jesus! People are too imperfect and we are under God's grace! so it is crazy to even make a statement like that!

    Where is their scripture to back that one up!

  • designs

    They have bounced between Mid-Tribulationism and Post-Tribulationism for the past +100 years.

  • glenster


    "Let me see that thing--Jesus is returning as" (rewrite)" See there?"

    No, no, no--that's cheating.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The very design of Christianity is to convince it's advocates that they are going to heaven.
    Religion has to provide some kind of answers to people's deep questions or there is no point in being in religion.
    Christianity told people that there is a grand purpose to life and there is life after death.

    So Christians have always felt "anointed." It was only when a dangerous mind-control cult decided that the number was limited and it was looking like they reach that limit (144,000) that they needed to change the answers. They leaned heavily on the Jewish idea found in the OT that instead of going to heaven, God was going to make conditions on earth more heavenly.

    But not all JW's throughout the years since the change have accepted that. Some still believed the overall design of Christianity and applied it to themselves. Even with WTS constantly telling people over the last 7 decades that the door to heaven was closed, they didn't believe that. Opening the door recently was self-serving to stretch the last days out, but will have huge detrimental effects on the cult. More "anointed" will come out and declare their destination.

    I believe that many of the Bethel-Heavy brothers who were not declaring themselves anointed were convinced otherwise by the Governing Body along the way in the past few decades so that they (company men) could be added to the leader collective. I don't know who has been duped more; the ones convinced they are going to heaven or the ones convinced that they are not.

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