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  • jwfacts

    It is common for criminals to find God in prison and change. These types of stories are preached from the pulpits of all religions.

    What you story does not address is how ineffectual "the angels" are in finding these people, since it takes over 10,000 hours of preaching to find just one convert.

  • neverendingjourney

    I used to own a tape that had the Nekata talk recorded on it. I think the guy who gave him a study eventually became the head of the Japanese Bethel branch. I first heard the talk back in the mid 90s.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I remember that old chessnut. It was in the magazines as well. Its in the WT Oct. 1959 page 637, "Condemned Man Finds Hope in Paradise." What a bunch of hoodeedooo. W.Once

  • nelly136

    cool that must have taken ages to type out pj, make sure you add it to your timesheet, and 203 return visits :) (so far)

  • jookbeard

    Shipp,most of us have that urban legend before, and do you think we give a shit?

  • Satanus

    We used to DREAM of crawling to the meetings. There were ten of us, living in a little log cabin, out on the tundra.Meeting days, we had to start getting ready at noon. We had to walk 8 miles through blowing snow (we couldn't afford dogs and sleds). It was my job to carry my grandparents AND my crippled sister on my back. My dad had his own load, so to speak, being the cong servant. He carried several briefcases containg the aid book, a few bound volumes, six differnet bible translations and all the cong records. Summer was worse. Everything turned to a swamp, teeming w huge clouds of bugs. Walking through the moss and scrub would wake them all up, send them flying through the musty air. There were billions of black flys, millions of mosquitoes, hourse flys, deer flys, blow flies, sand flies, not to mention ticks. The moss was the worst; a book laden dub could sink down 4 feet into it. Had to leave first thing in the morning to make the meeting on time.....


  • JWoods

    It would have been more interesting, even, if the Watchtower people had been taken to prison themselves and then both they and NAKATA avoided getting blown up by the Little Boy because they were deep in the basement on death row.

    Oh wait - I have it mixed up with some other urban legend or something...

  • undercover

    So, what're we supposed to do? Shed a tear for a murderer who paid for his crimes? Send this experience to the family members of his victims and see how they feel about it.

    Converted JW, Mormon or Amway salesman, it doesn't matter. He was a murderer and he was sentenced to pay for the lives he took. Just because he figured out, too late, how fucked up his life was doesn't give him a pass, nor does it mean he should be held up as some kind of martyr or example of true faith.

    This shit story is the lowest of the low. Emotional blackmail using the experience of a convicted murderer. "See how this bad person changed? See how he was faithful to the end? Will you be faithful in all things? Don't you feel guilty for not being like him?"

    What a load of bullshit.

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