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  • Quandry

    I remember my husband giving the "Nakata" talk for years.


    Fukuoka, Japan..??????????

    FUK-U-OKA ..


  • Honesty

    Too bad Nakata didn't cry out to Jesus.

  • moshe

    In Japan I was told they used to issue addresses, first come first serve, for a street. They aren't always numbered consecutively- hence the reason it was all fouled up. Anyway, it was a nice anecdotal story, but it in no ways defines what the truth is. Six million Jews went to the gas chambers and are not their individual stories more important than a murderer whose mind clicked with JW theology? It was said once by a warden that hardly any convicted murderer doesn't find religion on death row. How about the experience of newly converted Brother Phillip Garrido who found the WT god, Jehovah while in prison, married a sister and he convinced a parole board that he was a 'cured man' of his criminal sex desires. So they let him out early. We all know how that turned out for society. A kidnaped girl, raped and two kids all confined for over a decade. Yes a fine example of JW's curing bad people. Watchtower headquarters won't even talk about this JW. It's always that way with the bad JW's- they were never really one of us they try to claim.

  • Farkel

    I don't believe a word of it. It is just too pat.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Richard Findlay, my old CO, gave this experience at a CA.

    I believe that JW's believe this happened. This came from Bethel, somehow....

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    Grab the barf bag!

    I am sure this is one of those made up stories to make everyone feel guilty.

  • Farkel

    :This came from Bethel, somehow....

    So do many of the so-called "Questions From Readers." They're fake, too.


  • AllTimeJeff
    So do many of the so-called "Questions From Readers." They're fake, too.

    LOL, yup.

    You would think this one would be in a WT if its true.

    Wait, there I go again, thinking anything true ends up in a WT article.

  • VoidEater


    It is easy to take the truth for granted. We can begin to take the compassion we feel for our fellow man, our natural desire to make the world a better place, to honestly care enough about people to ask them what they need OR let our own moralistic dictator try to bludgeon those around us with a black-and-white view of what is right and what is wrong: and that's a dangerous thing. Sometimes, it is so good just to realize how everyone is doing the best they can with what they've got, and not pretend that we have the One Size Fits All answer for everyone else on the planet. It helps us not to take the truth for granted.

    I heard one that I want to share with you. It touched my heart so much that I will never forget, and I think it will have the same effect on you. It helped me really see the truth in various ways. The beautiful opportunities for real care for others, real compassion, appreciation for the perfection that nature has already presented us, without our constant determination to force our thoughts on others. It hopefully will have a good effect on your hearts. Maybe you will never forget it either.

    It involves a man walking down a street in America. He is walking down the street and he sees two hustlers holding up flyers, they are trying to get people interested in escort services. So he goes up to them, he thinks he is going to help them out and he takes the a flyer from them - he is not interested in the flyer, he did it just to help them out. You know how people do sometimes. He takes the flyer: he is going to throw it into the garbage can down the street. And he thinks, "Wait a minute". He knows a man over in a prison in California. I won't go into why this man knows prisoners, it's not a pretty part of the story and you might lose your buzz. Anyway, he thinks, "Well, I will just send this over to him and he will have it, or that way somebody will have it. They don't get hot pictures like this in prison" Anyway, he was not interested in the flyer.

    Did I mention the guy was kind of a nutter? At least, I can't think of any other reason someone would take stuff from the street and send it to an inmate in a prison, can you? I mean, if this had happened in Japan (say, in a prison in Fukuoka) there'd be no point - those prisoners are allowed no outside communication and can only have up to three books in their cell with them. America is so different than Japan!

    Well, it landed in the hands of a man by the name of Payton. And Payton, when he received the flyer, was on death row, where he had been waiting to die. He was in for multiple murders and rape, and was considered incorrigible. This individual was so mean that he would spit upon others who would get anywhere near his cell and scream obscenities at them and yell terrible things at them - as someone in death row might be expected to do - I mean, he's a killer, he's waiting to die, you think he's gonna say please and thank you? He would yell, "KILL ME NOW! I'M JUST A DRAIN ON THE ECONOMY! IF I WAS IN JAPAN I'D NEVER EVEN GET ANONYMOUS MAGAZINES OR FLYERS!" He was absolutely hated, this infamous one, by everybody in the prison. There was not very many that did not want to kill him themselves. You would, too, if you'd been trying to get some rest while waiting to die in there. The only person who ever came to visit him was his father, once a month, only out of obligation. This is the man that got the Flyer. He read it. Something clicked. He read it again. He'd been in there a long, long time without female company.

    When his father came, he borrowed money from him and sent a letter to the escort service asking them to send him Playboy and Jugs, anything really with the fairer sex depicted in revealing poses - and, for a price, they did, coming to the prison from the Five Star Diamond Happy Ending Parlor. He started reading those magazines right on death row. Whenever that happens, the Five Star Diamond Happy Ending Parlor always sends a little slip called a follow up slip that goes to other big publishing companies. A magazine and book publisher got it, a special publisher that specialized in sado-masochistic fantasies, he takes off on his bike looking for this Payton, but the slip did not put down 'prison'. He goes to the street and starts looking. The addresses are all fouled up, so he keeps looking. Gotta sell those magazines, and in the age of enlightenment, well, you know how far and few between sales of such specialized material can be!

    Nobody has ever heard of this man, he cannot find the address and in desperation, though he passed up the prison before, goes to the guard post outside the road and he says, "Can you tell me where this address is?" And the guard says, "Well, just look around the big bushes there and that is the tower, and there it is." The brother looked and he says, "That is the prison." The guard says, "No. Sure it is the prison" (the guard was trying to have a little fun, you know, like all sarcastic, "Noooo...really?") The brother did not even consider this could be a prison, not having paid attention to the barbed wire and the watchtowers (hey, wait a second...!). The publisher says, "Well, do you know a man by the name of Payton?!" The guard went on to give a whole bunch of explanations, how he wasn't supposed to talk to "worldlies", how no one was allowed in to the Judicial Committee, that no tape recorders were allowed. That did not dismay the publisher. He took off, got through the big gate (though nearly getting shot - you know it's not really that easy to get into a prison, let alone get out - and pondered how much he'd rather have been in Japan, say at Fukuoka prison where it's so much easier for a lunatic with SM porn in his briefcase to get in without an appointment), got up to the warden and asked to see Payton.

    "What, are you a nutter? And what is all this bizarre Nazi fetish material in your briefcase about?" asked the Warden when he met the publisher. But the guy just kept going on about, "Hey, ya wanna live forever? I got yer death camp poetry right here!"

    Finally, the warden could not figure out what he wanted with this man, and so he let him go anyway - you know how understanding and easy-going prisons are, especially with death row inmates who are generally pretty happy-go-lucky and look forward to visits from strangers - and he met Payton through this big iron door, and it has a little window in it, just right in the top part - a window with wire mesh bars, you could see the party on the other side (really, what would be the point of a window with wire mesh bars if you can't see the party on the other side? I mean, think about it). He started talking to this Payton and Payton had already been reading these magazines, so he learned quite a bit already and he accepted a submissive role just like that. And the publisher begins an hour bondage session every week with Payton (who was again ever so thankful he wasn't in Japan, say at the prison at Fukuoka, where death row inmates are kept nearly incommunicado), and in a few weeks of crushing psychological abuse through that little wire mesh square window, Payton began to change drastically into a different kind of person.

    He began to try to apologize to the people he had spit upon before and trade obscenities to, anything to stop the madness of this nutter publisher who had all these rules and regulations and tortuous ways of demeaning and belittling him. He would call them over to his cell as they walked by, like guards and so forth. They would walk slowly over to the cell and he would apologize for the kind of person he had been, for the crimes he committed, anything to get them to kick this publisher out of the prison and let him be. He told them he had been subjected to both psychological and sexual abuse by this publisher and he is learning a different way of life and wants their forgiveness. Then he would tell them a little bit about this fantasy world that, in his most dissociative states, he would retreat to. He would write other people. He became a person who saw Jesus, and not in a happy, heartfelt, vision kind of way but more in a scary, psychotic, His-voice-tells-me-to-kill kind of way, making progress everyday toward a schizophrenic stand. It was a horrendous one hour. This publisher was so thrilled about this kind of a breaking of a man's spirit that he had a privilege of conducting. He got the whole publishing world informed on how well this Payton was doing.

    Now Payton was head over heels crazy, Stockholm Syndrome they call it, and how would you like to have a twisted, sadistic, masochistic relationship like that and then be sent away? That is exactly what happened to the publisher. He was sent to a new sucker and he could not keep the sessions going. So he got a hold of another publisher in the area, Michael A. Simons. Simons went right over and started studying this guy Payton, dreaming up a new defense for death row inmates. Payton started making progress more and more - he was learning how to fool the authorities just like a convicted rapist-murderer on death row fighting for a way not to die. Everything that he read, he made application of - and with Simons he found a loophole in the law. Now, Simons wanted to study with Payton face to face. He goes to the warden and pleads with him to let him study the loophole where they could be seated, and he could see Payton, face to face. Thank goodness this wasn't taking place in Japan, say in the Fukuoka prison, where an inmate may only rarely see his family or his lawyer!

    The warden said; "This man is on death row. That is unheard of, we cannot do that." Then he said, "Wait a minute though, no man on death row, that I ever heard of, changed like this Payton. Sure, countless people in the future will probably claim a religious awakening to get out of their sentence, but this guy seems more like the first. I could be famous! I'm going to let you do it." He allowed Simons and Payton to study the loophole in the law out of death row in the recreation hall (where, of course, in Japan, say in the prison at Fukuoka, this could never happen since death row inmates - on those very rare occasions where they are allowed to see their lawyers even - are closely monitored), because he had never seen anyone change like that, go from nasty to broken to batsh*t crazy to pretending religious conversion, and the recreation hall was right next to his office. Do you know what they would study for an hour every week?

    Every week they would study an hour, 60 minutes, and they would study an arcane part of California law that said a certain catch-all category of evidence could be used to include post-crime religious zealotry. He would get off the death sentence by saying he was born again. You have to admit, that's pretty crazy, huh? Well, that's California for you. And, remember, this was quite a bit before it became all the rage to see Jesus and get out of your sentence.

    By the way, the first time they met face to face like that, Payton just grabbed Simons and...well, we can't really go into that here. We'll save that for another time. Let's just say there was a lot of quiet moaning and panting. He just really hugged Simons and, uh, tears, yeah, tears came down his face. You could really see this man truly changing. He'd never even so much as looked at a man like that before.

    Now, the guard kept hearing Payton make statements that he had not before, and now he begins to even like Payton, and he begins to look at Payton as a son, you know, as prison guards on death row often do. But we won't go into that here, either...and I see that we're running out of time...

    Before today, you probably never heard of this man, Payton. He was one of the first to use being "born again" to avoid his death sentence. Magazine publishers had heard of him. They know all. Like ELIJAH AND THE SEVEN THOUSAND THAT DID NOT BOW DOWN TO BAAL, AND OUR BROTHERS ALL OVER THE WORLD, just think how this rapist and murderer avoided the death penalty by saying he'd found God. Would it not be wonderful, in the new order, if you and I could hang on and we could meet peoplpe like Payton, learn how to rape and kill, adults and children? And kinda get away with it? Would you not like that? That beautiful new order, that prison of thought control, with guards telling you what to believe, how to behave, controlling your every thought and action. Well, you and I are going to have to endure plenty of book publisher-spawned madness to be able to be there. In high appreciation and esteem, swallowing the incoherent, contradictory, false prophecies of this multi-billion dollar company has to be something wonderful in our lives, we cannot let it take a back seat to anything!!!!!!!! Let it be the very first thing in our lives, to the exclusion of any life of our own. We are here, making such excellent progress forward. Think about the area now hospitality within the brotherhood: Control, fear, beat your brother like a demon. Think of regular kowtowing, we want to keep this going until we have zero original thought in the congregation. We want to keep moving forward until we can fill the Kingdom Hall every week with wailing and gnashing teeth. You and I can have a part in that by being regular every week at your Kingdom Hall.

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