Moshe unloads on JW's

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    Your hillarious!.

    We`ll see how they like getting pamphlets they don`t want,or like..


  • avishai

    Right on.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    JWs come to your door loaded for bear. Think about it...magazines, bibles, pamphlets, brochures, practice giving those presentations at the hall, and Reasoning From The Scriptures including "Overcoming Objections". Common.... if you cant take the heat stay the hell out of the kitchen and OFF my PORCH!

    Poor JWs my ass....if you cant back up what you "believe" then perhaps you shouldnt be out pedaling it to make some kind of brownie points with Jehoober.

    Well done Moshe

  • bluecanary

    High five Moshe! When I run into JWs I hope I'm able to articulate the points I want to make as well as you did.

  • moshe

    I get upset with many JW's who are contemplating leaving the KH- the WT is a fraud and they know it, but they are made of milk toast it seems- they are so-oo sacred of the elders. Like, man they are gonna make me go to a Judicial meeting and ask me all kinds of private and personal stuff. I have to go, I don't want to, yadda, yadda. People get some attitude and open up a can of whup-ass on those elders. They are the problem, but your spinless attitude enables the elders to be cruel tyrants over you. Get a speech together and start rehearsing it, over and over until you can tell them off without a hitch. Stand your ground- head up and shoulders back, you can do it and be free of the KH. That couple on the porch had apparently been listening at the window to our discussion in front of their house and they knew they were outmatched. The best they could do was a feeble, "we'll call the police". That sure makes for a good story at the KH. Guaranteed that when they see me walking my dog down the street they will duck into their house and hide fom me- now who is the weak one and who is the strong one here? Which one do you want to be?

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    We Black people seem to have a built-in bullstuff sensor.
    She's thinking.

    What's your excuse then?

  • hubert

    MOSHE IS BACK ! Looks like he found some "new meat".

    I love reading about your JW experiences. Looks like you are going to be busy for a while, talking to neighbors about the jw's.

    I hope you don't mind if I memorize your "discussion" with them.

    Please keep us updated. It helps to give us courage and determination, like you have.


  • carla

    Go Moshe!

    I've had a few conversations like that with those who completely disregarded the signs AND the note from NY saying my house was off limits. My Mom had a doozy of conversation (if you could call it that) with jw's who came last time, after trying to quote from the rags they attempted to quote from the Bible. That only annoyed her more and told them it was blasphemous for them to even attempt such a thing to her because they are so ungodly. She got in the false dates, blood, pedophiles, destruction of marriages and family too! she threw in the kitchen sink of jwisms all in a very short time. Go Mom!

    My parents got a copy of C of C even before I did when my jw joined up. I hope her house has a big red x on it now because I kind of pity the next jw who comes to her door. She was just shaking by the time they left. The thing is they allowed some in about a year ago and both my parents listened and politely disagreed with everything and told them to never come back after informing them about their son in law's situation. They also wanted to test out the 'jw's lie about their own doctrines' I have been telling them about. Guess I should resend the cease & desist letter for them again. Why should we have to do that every year to keep them the hell away?!

  • moshe

    Yes, JW's bend every rule to go and seek out the weak-minded. Once JW's get burned in a neighborhood nobody wants that territory card.

    Hubert you gave me an idea! I need to handbill some homes in my area. I think they are working off a territory card, so I will make up some flyers and handbill homes on my own. I will give the householder some REAL JW talking points. Mainly, about the JW blood transfusion danger, pedophiles at your door and shunning- wow, that could big flyer. So maybe I will just direct people to some Internet websites for more info.

  • snowbird
    We Black people seem to have a built-in bullstuff sensor.
    She's thinking.

    What's your excuse then?

    Don't need one. I walked in 2005. I follow no human.

    People get some attitude and open up a can of whup-ass on those elders.

    You said it, Moshe!

    Wonderful job!


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