Brits, Scots, and SA's Don't Know How to Spell

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  • snowbird

    Indeed, UnderCover.

    Are all Yankees rude?


  • caliber

    It works for me sylvia...

  • snowbird
  • caliber
    All Scots are Brits, but not all Brits are Scots.

    I'm sure there are some Scots who'll argue that
    ... want to get back on a Scots good side again ?.... mention William Wallace

    Sometimes people use the shorten name Britain instead of Great Britain, to mean the same thing, but really Britain only refers to England and Wales.

    The name Britain goes back to Roman times when they called England and Wales "Britannia" (or "Britannia Major", to distinguished from "Britannia Minor", ie Brittany in France). The Roman province of Britannia only covered the areas of modern England and Wales. The area of modern Scotland was never finally conquered

    In the 1 st century BC Britain was inhabited by Celtic tribes who had migrated from the Continent over the preceding six hundred or so years of what archaeologists call the Iron Age.

    The people, collectively known as the Britons (Or Ancient Britons

  • parakeet

    Bangers and mash. Don't ask.

  • wantstoleave

    Oh, oh and we call a trunk a 'boot'. I liked that comment about how not all Scots would like being called a My family is all English/Scottish and that's how we differentiate it. 'You' are English and 'they' are The Scots have alot of pride in their origins :) (which are mainly

  • Caedes

    and dour oldCaedes.

    Hey! Less of the old please!

  • Edington

    How many British kids did badly in spelling tests because of all the time spent studying the WT publications?


  • wantstoleave

    Ed, good point. But nowdays, isn't the spelling adjusted for differing countries? Or have I just not looked at a WT in a long time? Lol...I think I'll go check..

  • dutchstef

    Well enough about Britannia they ruled the waves long enough!!!!

    What do you americans know about the rest of europe?

    For instance:

    a) what is the capital city of Denmark?

    b) What is the difference between Holland and the Netherlands?

    c) How old is Belgium?

    d) Which european countries are a kingdom and which of them are an United Kingdom?

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