Crazy & Irresponsible JW Things We Did

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    life is to short

    I was driving by a home today where when I was a teenager this really scary old man asked me and this other young sister to come inside alone. We were both about 16 years old. We said we could not do that and he kept insisting, we did leave and told the elder who was with us, he just blew us off.

    I was thinking now who stupid that was, and what were the elders thinking sending young girls out alone. They still do it. This religion is truly crazy.


  • Heartofaboy

    A poor kid was dragged out in the ministry in my old cong' soon after having her ears surgically pinned back as they stuck out like a wing nut.

    Her mum saw no reason why taking her on the doors with a turban of bandages should have been a no no.

    I remember as a young boy out in FS feeling we should show our confidence in Jah & ignore the 'BEWARE OF THE DOG' signs..........what blistering idiot thought it was good to send kids into places like that??

    The stuff the crazy WBTS has made us feel we must do.

    I suppose it's being told over & over how brothers in Africa take off their best suits that's cost them 5 years wages & balance them on their heads to cross croc infested rivers to get to the meeting or last hut in the ministry & we cant even face a little dog or a bit of ice & do think Jah thinks of you when he has prepared a sprirtual meal & you decided not to turn up.....HOW DO YOU THINK HE FEELS????????????

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