Crazy & Irresponsible JW Things We Did

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  • snowbird

    On ATJ's thread about making JW's seem "normal,' Outlaw asked the questions:

    What the hell are a bunch of JW ladys doing in the Wilderness..

    Driving around in a beater car?

    Are they Crazy?..

    Are thier Husbands crazy?


    Myself and a couple of ladies used to go into the wilds all the time.

    The husbands were at work, and I'm sure had no idea where we were.

    Once, after an unexpected rain, our car bogged down in the red clay dirt.

    It was getting dark very fast, and we four ladies had a time getting it out!

    When I think of what could have happened to us, (no cell phones or GPS, mind you) I shudder in despair and disgust.

    What a bunch of idiots we were!

    Please feel free to share your stories of lunacy while in JW Land.



  • dinah

    My Mother recently attended a Circuit Assembly during a tornado outbreak.

    Also, I can remember going to meetings no matter what the weather was like.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    I was on the ministry once and an elder at the group told me i couldnt wear the jumper i had on, he said it would be better to go home and change it but the others were either wet or in the wash So i still went on the ministry and the sister i was with said the elder was walking up the i dashed around the corner and jumped over a huge wall. I could hear him talking to her and then when he had gone i had to find something the other side to climb back over with. I did within 20mins find him and explain...i felt so bad but that was my only jumper that day and i wanted to do my ministry.

  • snowbird

    Yeah, Dinah, I remember going to the TMS to give a "talk" even though it was storming so hard that trees were falling across the road!

    *shaking head in pity at what a fool I used to be*


  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Awww thats so kind i think snowbird....sounds just like you :)

  • snowbird

    Hi, Angel Eyes.

    What was wrong with your jumper?

    I remember being as fired up as you in my determination to "accomplish my ministry."

    Looking back, there was nothing spiritual to it.


  • scotinsw

    AE - what was wrong with the jumper?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Nothing, personally. But there were a couple of sisters who went to my hall who believed that God's angels would protect them from vicious dogs in the field ministry, because they were doing god's work. They both ended up getting attacked on different occasions.

  • snowbird

    Ah, yes, the dogs.

    Please don't get me started!


  • undercover

    Back when I was a teenager a group of us were in service. First of all you've got 4 teenagers riding around in a car together, unchaperoned and unsupervised...but's okay...we're in Field Service.

    Anyhoo, we were working out in the middle of nowhere (by design - very few houses to get in the time we were out). We were on this old dirt road, but well traveled even though we didn't know of any houses. We followed it, ignoring the huge hand painted, "No Trespassing - We Will Shoot" signs posted on each side of the road.

    We came around the bend and there we found an old ranch style house with a long front porch. But parked outside the house were at least a dozen motorcycles. As we pulled up...too late to turn around... several bikers came out, a couple of them armed. The obvious leader came out to the car. We thought about just telling him we were lost but after a brief discussion...all the while he's walking to us...we figured it was safer to tell em what we were doing...and we were right.

    Two of us got out and talked to the guy. He was huge. Long hair, beard, tattoos, leather vest, dirty jeans, chain wallet. Typical biker. The nicest guy, though. He was pleasant, especially when he realized we were selling religion. After our presentation, he just kinda chuckled, looked back at the house where the lookouts were making sure we saw their firearms and just said, "Well, I guess it should be obvious that we're not interested". We chuckled, more nervously than him though, and thanked him for his time. As we were leaving, he wished us a nice day but warned us to not ignore their signs next time.

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