Ex-Wife of Canadian JW Attorney Speaks to NATIONAL POST about KIDNAPPING sick JW kids

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  • WuzLovesDubs

    Ive been hearing about this wisking away of patients for years now. It says in their literature to do whatever is necessary to remove the patient from this situation...meaning if someone is getting a court order to force the treatment. Absolutely it happens and OFTEN.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Reporter, Tom Blackwell, at the Canadian National Post newspaper would like to hear from you if you have personal information about Witnesses "childnapping" a sick JW child from a hospital, or perhaps another place, before that child was to receive a blood transfusion as ordered by a court. PM me, or call Tom at 416-383-2394 or email him at [email protected]



  • metatron

    Great Stuff! Thank You, Barbara!

    What a nightmare the Watchtower has fallen into! While they arrogantly assert that they are beyond defeat, they are threatened with 'loyal' Witnesses snapping and awakening to the fact of their being deceived! A divorce perhaps? Or just a tear filled weekend reading 'apostate' posts on the internet? Who's next to betray these frauds to the authorities? Bring it on!


  • Sunspot

    Thanks for posting this article. I am SO glad that I never had to deal with this situation when I raised six children in this hideous cult.

  • Japster

    Thanks again Barbara for the info........very enlightening.

    I know Warren Shewfelt personally and he is so full of s**t on this one!

    Love it when the society points it's finger back to the parents to be responsible for the childs welfare.....more coverups by the F+dSlave


  • chasson
  • chasson
  • palmtree67


    I worked with Dan Pole on a custody case in 1993. I didn't hear that he and his wife had later split up.

  • freedomisntfree

    That qoute from the WT in response is an outright lie.As if the parents are making an indepedent decision pft.Im from new brunswick this story is from the year i was born so i dont remember the incident but i know a majority of witnesses there and most of the members of the hospital liason comitee.Im not saying this womans storey is untrue but i doubt she got any help from the witnesses in N.B not becuase they wouldnt have felt it was right but simply becuase they avoid the spotlight and any police attention as much as possible.I dont think the various vandelisms that ever happened to my childhood KH were ever reported due to not wanting to talk to the "secular authorities"

  • Rinna
    Posting to this very late
    freedomisntfree This woman was my mom and her story was indeed very very true. I remember my parents talking about it when they were making the plans, elders were involved in those conversations. They all planned to take the boy and there was a lot of proverbial high-fiving afterward. I think a few of my mom's comments were altered or misunderstood, for instance, I don't think the police were looking for them yet but the group knew the police would be called once the hospital realized the boy was missing. I don't think they went to Mexico, as I never remember hearing that come up.
    Mom also never claimed to live at Bethel, but she did work with my dad and they both worked occasionally at Bethel. Having us kids meant they couldn't live there. My dad became a lawyer in NB then Bethel asked him to move to Ontario. Our whole family life changed after that. Dad had to have an independent private practice, but he was really in the WTS pocket and their beck and call when something came up.

    What my parents, and I, did as part of the JW's was wrong, but at the time we so believed we were doing the right thing and the WTS was right there patting my parents on the back (while dismissing the abuse going on at home).

    palmtree67 they divorced around 1996, a few months after I left home. I think the final straw was dad breaking mom's arm.

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