Ex-Wife of Canadian JW Attorney Speaks to NATIONAL POST about KIDNAPPING sick JW kids

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  • ScenicViewer
    I think the final straw was dad breaking mom's arm.

    Your Dad was an attorney who did work for Watchtower when needed, and his behavior toward your Mom was so violent that he actually broke her arm? It wasn't some kind of accident?

    I haven't listened to the broadcast on Six Screens (mentioned on another thread) or read anything of this until your posts. I am always shocked when I hear of violence in JW families. It's something I never saw but read plenty about now that I am out.

  • ToesUp


    Welcome. You sound like you have been through a lot in your life. I sense the pain in your post. I am sorry for that. I believe there is so much hidden abuse and corruption in the WT. I am also a firm believer in karma. It is coming for WT for all of its past and current abuse. So many dirty secrets.

  • Uzzah

    ScenicViewer. Dan had a temper and Police were called as a result of his violent behaviour towards others.

    As an Elder and as a lawyer working for the 'elite' legal Dept, a blind eye happened. Glen How kept a protective blanket over Dan.

    I don't know the specific details of this particular act of violence but it is not out of character and I would tend to believe the witness testimony of her daughter rather than the speculation of any anonymous Discussion Board persona. I knew Rinna when she was in her teens and was good friends of the family during my years at Bethel. Donna had her flaws like the rest of us but know her heart was huge as was her devotion to her family and her desire to help others. So too Dan had his issues including ego and temper but he was my friend for several years. Like so many Witnesses, he is misguided and delusional and unfortunately dangerous due to his legal activities defending the Borg.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Barbara - please contact me about this.

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