Is Life a Blind and Pitiless Existance?

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  • sd-7

    Life has a purpose, in my opinion. I believe its purpose is the pursuit of knowledge. Our knowledge acquired will outlive us and pass on to our offspring, who in turn will build upon it. We seek knowledge to answer the questions our forefathers never asked or never answered, and to therefore create new questions for our children. We will probably never know all the answers, but maybe...maybe if we keep learning, those who follow us will. It's as good a purpose as any, so long as we use our knowledge to benefit each other.


  • Gregor

    Life is about continuity

  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    IF we were merely animals, controlled by greedy, selfish genes, and IF life was just a blind and pitiless existence (though I can't say such a thing which "perfectly reflects the universe in which we live," because part of my experience has shown me just the opposite), I would, in that case, direct you to the "Catepillar*"... if you get my drift... as perhaps "he" could tell you what the purpose of such an existence is.

    Since my total life experience has NOT been such (oh, believe me, it hasn't all been "peachy" either, not by a long shot and if I told you the half of it you would probably weep and wail)... I would, instaed, direct you to the One who showed me the purpose... the TRUE purpose... of our existence ... and by doing so made ALL of the, well, crud, of my "previous" life so insignificant that I can't even believe it was my life.

    Am I rich now? Not by a long shot. Healthier? Nope. Wiser? Not really - I mean, I'm alomst 50, so I am a little wiser. But I still do and say things others consider "foolish" and make decisions/judgments that others might even consider "stoopid." BUT... so what?

    We really do have a purpose, dear one... and it is not heavy, or burdensome, or impossible. The TRUE purpose of our existence, dear PWP'd, is to GLORIFY God. And we do that... by how our we live our lives. The True God brought angels into existence (which is the meaning of His name, BTW - JaHVeH, "He who causes armies [of angels] to become/come into existence... He who breathes armies [of angels] into existence"... JAH of Armies) to minister to... i.e., serve... Him... His Son... and us. He brought US into existence... to glorify Him.

    We DO that... by living a life after the example of Christ. Thus, we DON'T judge, we DON'T turn on backs on others - even our enemies, we DON'T enslave or bind others, we DON'T put burdens on others that we cannot carry ourselves, etc. We don't have one law for one person... and another for another. Rather, we LOVE God... and our neighbor... and our enemy... and do "works" that demonstrate that love... while giving the glory for the result(s) of that work... to God. We feed, we clothe, we heal, we comfort... we forgive... we release... and when we do, we give the GLORY for that "work"... to God. That is how we "glorify" God. It is what my Lord did... and what he directed us to do. And it really is that simple.

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • VoidEater

    It's up to you.

    Meaning, like beauty, is a process that occurs within you.

    There's a whole universe "out there". What attracts you? What distracts you? What disgusts you?

    In this way, it really is "all about you".

    Because purpose isn't "out there" - it's something within you -

    and within your choice.

  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist


    You must be succumbing to a virus or something - you're usually an upbeat type of poster!

    Life is entirely what you make it - the more you put in, the more you get out.

    No longer having any religious side to my life (DAd over 6 years ago), I've had to analyze my life closely and ponder on many things. Being around other people, observing their ups and downs, adds meaning to what could otherwise be a humdrum existence. The more you do for others, the more enjoyment comes back to you and life becomes much more pleasant.

    Making and keeping friends and acquaintances takes effort, as does maintaining family ties - this brings in another dimension to the 'meaning of life'.

    I also enjoy good food, cook quite a lot (my wife reckons I do a better job than she can) savour fine wine (at least when I'm paid my sales commission) and have been known to enjoy the occasional cigar when the mood takes me. A pleasant walk in one of the many beauty spots around home makes you feel happy to be alive.

    Last weekend I enjoyed a few holes of golf with my oldest son - I hadn't picked up a golf club in over 15 years, but I played much better than I can ever recall playing before - I embarrassed Robin - he thought that he was at a farly good standard!

    Maybe you should go out and do some sport?

  • besty

    lol @ lifelong - you only live 30 miles from pp and you both enjoy the occasional cigar - what prevents a face to face discussion? get it on youtube :-)

  • Caedes

    I was on the beach on sunday, the sun was shining, the wet sand was sparkling and I was playing frisbee with Mrs Caedes.

  • BurnTheShips

    Sounds like Caedes was doing all the work.

  • Caedes

    No, Mrs Caedes was pretty good at throwing it in the general direction I was in, my efforts were rather poor, I couldn't land it within 25m of where I was aiming. So Mrs Caedes did a lot more running around than I did.

    Thanks for your concern though.

  • passwordprotected

    I personally don't believe that life is a blind and pitiless existence (apologies for typo in OP). As a JW my life was a treadmill of works and guilt. Now I'm free from that and I enjoy life to the full and I choose to believe in God and praise and worship Jesus.

    If it offends sensibilities to ask such questions regarding life and its purpose, or to choose to be appalled at the notion of "human animals" or to ask if atheism is blind faith, I'm not going to apologise; as has already been pointed out elsewhere, it's the internet. I'll choose not to be offended at being called a self-righteous arse. I'll do my best to live and let live, as I try and do away from the internet.

    There should be the room and space for these questions and objections to be raised and discussed, even if it takes us to the edge of our comfort zones, no matter where our religious or philosophical boundaries currently are; surely that's a good thing.

    I've got a fantastic life, an amazing wife and 3 uniquely inspirational children. I'm surrounded by friends and acquaintances of every cultural stripe (I shared a car journey with an Indian civil engineer from a Christian background the other night, then later a cup of tea with a recovering heroin addict and a guy who, up until a year ago, was a die hard skeptic. I regularly chat with a family who practice various forms of pagan religious beliefs who live down the road from us (their son is good friends with our oldest son) and I enjoy their company and world-view immensely). I'm working in my dream job, the job I fantasized about having for many years and we live in a beautiful part of the world.

    Under pinning all of that, though, is a belief in God and a relationship with him. That's a choice I made, to explore what it would be like to actually have God in my life. I'm challenged often in my faith, I have days of incredible belief and days of consuming doubt. I choose to put myself in positions where my faith is challenged (I'm leading the Alpha Course in my church and within the course I'm leading a small group of around 8 people, most of whom are skeptics; I want to be challenged and to learn from them). However, each time I go through a period of doubt I seem to come out the other side with a greater appreciation for who I believe God to be and a closer relationship with him. My faith ends up stronger, and I'll concede that I become a more aggressive apologist.

    In that, though, I fully appreciate that for some the exact opposite is the case.

    Changing tack slightly; cigars are no more. I don't know what happened, but I can't even stand the smell of them anymore, lit or unlit. Weird. I did recently get a tattoo, though, so I suppose part of me still wishes to buck religious perceptions of what or who a Christian should be.

    I wish everyone on this thread, and the others I recently started and contributed on, peace.

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