Is Life a Blind and Pitiless Existance?

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  • passwordprotected

    If we're merely animals, controlled by greedy, selfish genes, if life is just a blind and pitiless existence which perfectly reflects the universe in which we live, what is the purpose of it all?

  • besty

    I don't know, and I'm happy with that.

    There may not be a purpose, and I'm happy with that.

  • BurnTheShips

    Life is what you make it.

  • Farkel

    :what is the purpose of it all?

    Cheetos. The purpose of life is Cheetos. Yummy!

    You mean to say that isn't it? How do you know?


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    Cheetos. The purpose of life is Cheetos. Yummy!

    Not the flaming ones, I hope. Those are just nasty.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    This question was constantly on my mind as i was loosing my religion and my faith in god.

    But it doesn't matter how much I want to be part of a grand scheme that ultimately results in justice, peace and happiness for all humans.

    Wanting something doesn't make it real.

    And I would rather live in the real world, then in a fantasy.

  • leavingwt
    what is the purpose of it all?

    The Purpose of Purpose


    Life has a Porpose for Everyone.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I asked a similar question a couple of years back, I was in a very dark place then.

    You might find the replies I got more helpful than some of the current collection:

  • zoiks

    Having been told what the purpose is for so many years, I am excited to explore this question with an open mind. Perhaps there is a purpose. Perhaps not. I do not believe that our ability as humans to seek a purpose necessarily means that there is one.

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