Did you get drunk/take drugs as a witness?

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  • dinah

    I started drinking and toying with smoking when I was around 11-12 years old. I smoked about a pack a week, never got caught doing either.

    It always amazed me, I could drink practically under Mom's nose, but get caught with a note from a boy *gasp* and she'd haul me to the elders.

  • AllTimeJeff

    My ex asked me if she felt that I had an alcohol problem while in the borg once? I was shocked and asked why she was concerned? "Because for 3 nights in a row, you have had 3 bottles of beer."

    So, um, I generally had to limit myself to two bottles most nights, until the end.... (until I found out bethelites and missionaries drink their asses off)

    Since leaving I have been drunk at my uncles house twice. (not driving, so I partied) and followed up the next day both times with no drinks or beers. I wasn't feeling good, and I am not built for binge drinking...

    Smoking? Drugs? Never, not once have I taken a puff of anything. Frankly, because my brother got hooked on this stuff to his demise, I have little interest in drugs, recreational or otherwise.

  • vilot

    As a single adult JW for 28 years I was a closet drinker, it dulled the pain of lonelyness and dispair...My only hope for happiness was the new system and as the years passed by ever quicker I realized my dream was fading fast. I knew of a few other closet drinkers I guess there is an unspoken word or understanding you just know. Being in such a repressive mind control cult will drive some to sooth the pain anyway they can...

  • Girlie

    Let's see:

    Drunk: Yes (even attended a JW renovation meeting at my former hall with a terrible hangover)

    Smoked: Yes for a year (was counseled on that and got publicly reproved)

    Drugs: Yes (during that 1 year period of smoking cigarettes and cigars, I mixed some pot in. was asked about that during my JC, but denied it)

    However, that JC did scare me str8 and I haven't smoked nor gotten drunk or high since.

  • Twitch

    I was a "practicing" witness til I was 17/18 but started experimenting when I was 15, due in part to my "worldy" school buddies. I was/am tall and looked older so I would buy the booze for the parties (I was so nervous; a kid dropping $300 at the LC ;) Instantly popular, lol. Started smoking bud at around the same time and cigs not long after. That was the beginning of the end,.....

  • JimmyPage

    I never smoked or tried drugs until I was "inactive" and just didn't care what I did anymore. I smoked to be social- the smokers at work took more breaks and these were accepted as being legitimate- as opposed to just sitting on your ass without a cigarette. But smoking a regular cigarette did absolutely nothing for me. I honestly don't get the appeal. Smoking pot, on the other hand, did make me look at the world a little differently. But honestly, I prefer good old beer over mary jane. And I guess I'm lucky that I never felt an addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or pot.

  • lalaa

    When I was 19 I started to do my own thing. I started smoking....but it was the good stuff.

    When I was 21 I started going to so called "witness" parties with the young people in the hall and surrounding congregations. Those parties were really, really crazy. Tons of beer, liquor, dirty dancing, people messing around, and a few hook ups that some people would try to deny.

  • treadnh2o

    Yes Actually gave a Public Talk after 6 shots of Vodka ( 4 o'clock meeting, didnt go so well ,just said I was jacked on cold medicine)

    After I mentally left got "coked up" for a Circut assembly. Just said I was on anti-anxiety medicine that wasn't sitting well with me.

    Now that I am out, reality is great... Don't need the escape from that wacked out cult.

  • zarco

    While a Witness, no smkoing, no drugs and sipped a little bit of wine. As a turbo-fader, no smkoing, no drugs and sip a little bit of wine.

  • shamus100

    Smoking: no

    Drunk: All the time. Bunch of drunk idiots in that religion

    Drugs: No.

    Now I don't drink at all - go figure.

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