Did you get drunk/take drugs as a witness?

by wouldacouldashoulda 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • isaacaustin

    I rarely ever did that stuff but did once come high to a meeting. it was a Sunday, I was asleep and dreaming of my parents as babies the whole time. When the meeting ended I was clear and thought to myself, wow, that was the quickest meeting ever. LOL

  • Charlie Cheddar
    Charlie Cheddar

    Got drunk on some occasions when i was a witness. However, most of the time i would just drink to enjoy drink, and not drink to get drunk.

    I used to smoke when in the world and quit when became a witness.

    Regarding taking illegal drugs, i did plenty of this when i was in the world and quit when i became a witness.


  • Quentin

    You bet ,beer...whisky...cigs...weed...don't do any of it now...strange, eh?

  • freedomisntfree

    I got drunk occasionaly and smoked pot when i was a young adolescent witness came to a few meetings high and gave a talk high once but generally tried to avoid it as it made me paranoid/

  • babygirl75

    I got drunk/wasted way more as a JW than I have been while out. I think it was just to cover my depression, now that I'm free I don't need it. ;)

  • JimmyPage

    If you never drank too much then you were never a Witness.

  • straightshooter

    When I was a witness, I got drunk a couple of times at a JW house. They loved to drink. After the elders found out about these parties, they talked to me. I had to break off my association with this family and walk straight. I was "good" after that.

  • bigwilly

    While active I drank once or twice beginning at age 19. After beginning to fade I tried pot and (due to lack of pot) cigarettes. When I was having a cig or smoking a bowl after meetings I decided I was being very hypocritical and stopped attending meetings. Since that time I've added 'shrooms and LSD to the list but nothing more.

  • blondie

    1) never took nonmedicinal drugs---saw someone die from an overdose....more than once (work related)

    2) never got drunk though I do drink in small amounts--grew up with alcoholics at the wheel, vowed I would never do that, risk my life or others.

    3) smoked a couple of puffs, hacked, and threw up. Figured that it was an acquired taste, if I wanted to burn up money I could set a sawbuck on fire.

  • undercover

    While a JW:

    Smoking: Yes...as a teenager and experimenting. Hated it and never had a desire to ever want to again

    Drunk: Yes...though never pass out drunk, just tipsy, buzzed, silly, stupid or obnoxious and shouldn't drive.

    Drugs: No...unless second hand pot smoke counts (which when done properly can give you a buzz)

    Since out of the JWs:

    Smoking: Yes...tried cigars...didn't care for the taste and it was too much work. I'd rather drink.

    Drunk: Yes...fall down pass out drunk, though I don't do that anymore. Hurts too much the next day. I still get a good beer/wine/martini buzz from time to time, when I know I don't have to drive

    Drugs: Some pot, not much and only when offered a hit from someone elses cig or pipe. I've never bought or carried.

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