making my will should I include my child that has shuan me for years

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  • LouBelle

    That is totally up to you - if you want to leave some things to the grandkids consider if those things will be appreciated in light of the fact that JWs don't place much emphasis on wordly possessions. You could always leave letters/photos.

  • Nellie

    If your heart moves you to include them in the will, then do it. However, I would caution you to not leave them something that you know they would not value, i.e. you mentioned Viet-Nam medals. There is a good possibility that their "christian trained conscience" would not allow them to have something like that in the house and they'd dispose of it. Personal items should be treasured by the ones you share them with. Just my 2 cents.

  • designs

    You can write your will with any stipulations you want, set up a college fund for the grandkids, have provisions for health care if anyone has special needs etc.. You can set up a Family Trust or Foundation in perpetuity and have funds generated for philanthropic purposes for generations to come.

  • AdaMakawee

    I like the college fund too, its the one thing that might get your grandkids thinking for themselves. Make it so that the money can only go to tuition, tie it up to continued attendance. Might make all the difference in your grandkids escaping that ugly cult.


  • Spook

    No. I suggest you leave it to the rest of the family. Leave that daughter a loooong and kindly worded personal diary about your thoughts on Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • PSacramento

    Pater asked Jesus, how many times must I forgive someone that sins against me? 7 times? 70 times?

    Jesus replied, 7000 times.

    If we love those that only love us, so what?

    If we care for those that only trat us nice, so what?

    The very essence of God's love is that it is given to those that deserve it the least.

  • lisavegas420

    Just so happens I'm currently working on a will for a client of my boss'.

    I found this little tidbit...

    5.10 Disinherited Children

    While the intention to disinherit may be implied from the provisions of the Will, the most prudent course is to state the testator’s intention clearly:

    I give the residue of my estate, including all property not effectively transferred by the other provisions of my Will, to my daughter, *. I intentionally make no provision in my Will for my son, *.

    Not saying you have to or you should...just saying.

    On a side note, I found it interesting that the attorney told his client...if there is something you really want someone to have, you might want to consider giving it to them now, so you can enjoy seeing them with it.


  • core

    What can happen with gifts to "loyal" witnesses (for DA relatives) is that they pass the money over to the WT as if the money was unclean to them but would be alright in "mother" got it - leaving money to those who do not need it/ would not use it likely increases the pot they will leave to "mother" when they leave the scene themselves.

  • cultBgone

    Interesting topic.

    I think most people appreciate receiving momentos of their parent's life or family treasures...the money fades in importance.

    If you have quite a bit of money, though, a well-written trust is a good idea (hey, the jws push contract in all dealings, right?). That way it won't be a matter of your cash going straight to the GB for their investment fund.

    Best idea, yes, to give the kids and grandkids favorite possessions while you're still alive. Double the treasure that way as it will make you both happy.

    If you have a life insurance policy, think about how you word your beneficiary status also. If your jw child might be influenced to "share" that cash with the WTS, maybe it's better to give the bulk of the cash to a non-jw child or children. No sense in letting it go to waste/evil use, especially now that the WTS has shown their intensified greed.

    There are also lots of good charities you could share the funds with...just a thought.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It your will and your call. I would not leave money outright. A trust would be good. Otherwise, they might donate it to the WT. We had a similar situation in my family. My brother was in a cult. It hurt her deeply but he was dropped from her life insurance. She worked hard for her money. He would have donated the money. When he left the cult, he was placed back in.

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