making my will should I include my child that has shuan me for years

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  • jam

    The years have pass and so has my age, so lately I have been thinking, should I add my daughter in

    my will. It,s been 10yrs. since I have seen or talk to her.Have not seen my grand-daughter the youngest

    she 7yrs. the oldest I saw her over 10yrs ago..I feel my grand kids should know where they came from.

    I do not have a lot to leave for my kids, I have four, the other three I have a good relationship...But

    there are items I would like to give to my grandkids..autograph from a well known astronaut , medals

    from veit nam, rare coins, pictures of their great, great ,grand parents and etc.. Any suggestion

  • Finally-Free

    I can't speak for anyone else, but my money, house, and other posessions will be left to the person who is there to help me cook, wash, and change my diapers in my old age. I would not leave anything to anyone who refuses to acknowledge my existence.


  • villabolo

    I agree with Finally-Free. By the way, don't you have other relatives, even if they're distant and hardly know you, that aren't Witnesses?


  • AwSnap
    AwSnap there any way just to leave some of your money to the grandkids? I agree with finally-free. Speaking from experience, I have a jw parent who never showed any caring towards my non-jw grandparent who just passed away. It's so disrespectful, and now my parent is set for life.

    My 2 Cents is: if you leave lots of money/possessions to your jw loved one, they will take it for granted. If you leave no money, but rather a note/letter of how you feel...that will make a much bigger impact. If you leave both, I fear the letter will be tossed and the money will be put in the bank.

  • beksbks

    Jam, I would personally say if there are family photos that can be copied, do it. And be sure to write on them who it is. Make sure the Grand Children get copies. You never know how they will grow up and wish they had known you and been able to find out more about thier family history. Anything material doesn't really matter, except as you say medals and such. Leave those to the child or grandchildren most likely to preserve them.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    If they don't treasure you now or are not taught the importance of family now while you are alive I am afraid they certainly won't once you are gone .

  • mouthy

    Interesting post. I am leaving all I have to her ( the JW) who doesnt speak to me at all.

    With my other daughter who is out of the WT...All the rest of my friends grandkids, etc say I am wrong.
    But one has to know ....I made her a JW.... My hubby was not her Father,So I gave her a false earthly Dad,
    & a false Heavenly Father ...I think I owe to her...

    If you love her!!! Let her know it even in death..
    My 2 cents .

  • jeanniebeanz

    You might consider a trust for the grandkids with stipulations on the money... a college trust would be great. If they learn, they get the money, if not... well.

    I understand what you mean, though. It's a tough decision...


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    My vote is that you should leave nothing to someone who won't even extend common courtesy to you or acknowledge your existence.

    Are you trying to buy her love in one desperate post-mortem attempt? It won't work, primarily because you won't be here to experience the "warm fuzzies."

    I hope you have at least one real friend in your life, someone who treats you with dignity and respect. Give whatever you have to them, let them know you appreciated their camaraderie, friendship and trust.

    If you give the money to her, what's to keep her from buying herself favor with Jehovah's Organization by giving it to them? is that what you would want? Don't enable yet another Dub pioneer.

  • Hopscotch


    You mentioned that you have a good relationship with your other children. I was wondering if you could put those momentos and photos that you wanted your grandchildren to have into a nice box or large envelope, with some notes about the origin of the bits and pieces and who's who in the photos, along with a letter from yourself to your grandchildren. Then entrust it to one of your other children or arrange for your lawyer who is doing the will (or the executor) to see that the grandchildren recieve it when the time comes. I'm sure the grandchildren will appreciate it when they are older.

    All the best


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