has your life been "blessed" since leaving?

by tigeress 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • mouthy

    Isnt that the truth!!!! Uncoditional love

  • Perry

    Thanks for your simple testimony Dixie!

    I agree, Christian friendship is the sweetest savour.... impossible to explain, just wonderful.

  • patient

    my life has changed so much for the good - the stress that has left my life is amazing - it was a little tough a first "going it on my own" as it were but wow life outside of their control is fantastic!!!


  • parakeet

    The worst times I've had as an ex-dub are still better than the best times I've had as a dub.

  • Lieu


    Real people and real friends who don't run behind your back gossiping or telling your every faux pas. The freedom to chose who I like and do not like.

    Being able to help anyone I so choose without others questioning it has led to feeling better as a person at an inmeasurable magnitutde.

    The self righteous can immediatly be denounced and avoided. No need for forced association or their being held up as an example to deal with.

    No wearing clothes unfit for the weather. No stress about superficial things.

    Last but not least, I have a choice whether to believe in God or not, and how ... that's the real blessing.

    Freedom to chose what type of person to be is a blessing.

  • the real life
  • zarco


    Can we trade lives :)


  • Charlie Cheddar
    Charlie Cheddar

    Blessings? Just to get off the religious tone, I would prefer to call them Improvements or Advantages.

    Yes, many improvements and advantages after leaving. I've got my freedom back, my confidence and self belief have increased, i dont feel oppressed, depressed, manipulted or burdened by the excessive rules, regulations and teachings of the WTBTS anymore.

    I have been able to concentrate and expand on my career which has brought new opportunities to travel the world, make more money, make new friends and have some good and enjoyable times.

    Oh yes the 'Blessings' have been wonderful.


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