has your life been "blessed" since leaving?

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  • jeanniebeanz

    WTW: Bad as in evil, or bad as in 'bad to the bone'?


  • Cthulhu

    When I was in I had this great job...at a local YMCA camp. All was well for a few years until this dipshit MTS dude comes to town totting his spiritual pistols and says "I've come to bring law to this congregation." He carried around his little Jehover badge and started straightenin' things out PRONTO! Eventually letters were sent to the Service department and it was decided that even though there was NOTHING religious happening at the camp in the least of ways, I needed to find a new job (and place to live, since I was residing in a very nice cabin there) within three months or I was to be considered disassociated (not given even the small "courtesy" of a JC hearing. the org has certainly come a long way in how the congregation can go about showing the obvious love associated with kicking someones ass right out with the garbage). So, stupidly, I did as they asked (really that is all a story of it's own, as I am getting sick of these side comments). After that, I had to work my ass off just trying to find work. When I finally did, it occured to me "I didn't pray about finding a job. I did drive around looking for work in the dead of winter in Northern Michigan though. I did fill out countless applications, didn't I? & wasn't it me who went back to show how interested I was in the positions I'd applied for? Yeah! It was!" So that's when I realized that I needed to stop thanking god and start thanking me. Yeah, I've been blessed since leaving, and it's been blessings that I have been largely responsible for.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Both YES and No at different times....I feel throwing a dice is the same as praying to Jehover.

  • dissed

    As one who was thoroughly convinced for years, it JG's blessing, I am now totally convinced things just happen.

    And you have the most to do with it.

    When good used to happen, it was always, JG provided, but when things didn't, it just ignored and overlooked.

    Does JG just sit up in heaven deciding to grant our wishes or not, depending upon some sort of 'Santa like list'?

    Why some and not others?

    Just part of his mysterious ways?

    I've found the JW's are just as superstitious as any religion and really no different.

  • DaCheech

    when good things happen, their explanation is: DaDebil did it

  • passwordprotected

    I've received many, many blessings since leaving.

  • dissed


    Within, we for most of the time did well materially which lead to jealously among the JW's, even though we were mostly in the full-time service.

    We were always being judged. Once the CO was brought in to investigate us and why?

    We were reg. poneering with a kid, but had a very nice home and drove a Mercedes in service. We were bad JW's, setting a terrible example for those who not did have as much. One Elder refused to ride in our car and made it known to others publicly.

    Outside, we are glad we left when we did in '96. We feel fortunate compared to many others who put all their faith in the GB of JW's. We have been able to retire in our 50's and can enjoy our life without too much stress.

    Was it JG who provided? No, more like hard work and fortunate and timely circumstances.

  • AGuest

    Yes. Absolutely, emphatically, unequivocally, and undeniably... yes. (2 Corinthians 6:17, 18: Acts:2:17, 18)

    May you all have peace!

    A slave of Christ... to time indefinite...


  • Perry

    YES! Especially after I found the Lord. I feel like I can finally breathe.

  • Dixie

    My life only got better after leaving the JWs. And after I found the Lord those blessings were only magnified. I find that I am filled with a joy that I could only dream of as a JW.

    I think one of the biggest blessings i have is knowing that my friends love me for me, not because of what religion I am or how "good" I am. It's hard to trust someone when you know they will shun you if you fail to live up to their impossible standards. I now have friends that I know will be there no matter what.

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