Besty Unplugged - My Life Story Part VII

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  • jookbeard

    great story enjoyed

  • bubble

    Thanks for prompt writing of part 7 Paul. It was as compelling and as well written as the previous 6 parts. I think it would be a good idea if others on the board could write their stories too, very therapeutic I think, not just for the writer but for the readers too. Well done. XXX

  • jambon1

    Very good mate.

    Really enjoyed your story. I hope to do the same myself one day but at the moment I would struggle to write a coherant, logically developed peice as my mind gets filled with so much stuff as I begin to write.

    But your story was facinating & also heartbreaking too.

    The similarities in the way people are viewed/treated by JW's is alarming, predictable but also awful.



  • DNCall

    Bravo, Paul! Riveting from beginning to end.

    Looking forward to our next caper.



  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist

    Thanks, Paul for taking the time to post the last thrilling episode of your well-written lifestory.

    When you're next back in bonnie Scotland, I'd like to meet up with you again, enjoy a few wee drams together, and, perhaps a good-sized Havana! I appreciate that it is very difficult to legally obtain a good one in the USA - over here, no problem (funds permitting).

    Trust that life is good with you and yours - I seem to recall that you were laid off from work a few months ago? Maybe this damned recesion is showing positive signs of being well and truly over...

  • willyloman

    In seven sterling posts, much truth and many insights, but perhaps none so profound as this:

    A cult will try and classify all people as either ‘us’ or ‘them’. Separating the followers from the doomed in this manner is essential to maintaining control. If you can make people believe they are somehow superior to their misguided and lost brethren then all manner of unconscionable behavior becomes palatable. For example doomed relatives can be semi-shunned, safe in the knowledge they are ultimately destined for massive and everlasting justice. I believe this to be at the root of the toxic relationship between Jehovah’s Witnesses and their ‘worldly relatives’. How can you hope to form a close family bond with people that you truly believe to be at least misguided or possibly wicked and that are earmarked for destruction by Jesus ‘soon’? This is part of the psychological and social separation that differentiates high control groups from mainstream religion.

    Thanks for sharing your story. We're two hours from MB and hope to link up w you one day.

  • purplesofa

    After staying in a small beach community in Florida last summer with my sister,

    I know you have to be loving where you are!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your story, I have enjoyed it.


  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Many pertinent and well written points again Paul. Thanks so much for writing them, they also came alive even more for me and Bubble after meeting you in Vegas. We sincerely hope to see you soon.

  • whoknows

    Thank you Paul for taking the time to produce this very interesting, charming and also heartbreaking story. These life stories help any lurkers here to understand that the "evil" apostates are real people, with families, children, jobs, mortgages, and common human problems. They did not immediately set up a meth lab in their kitchen and turn to selling drugs to school children.

    Your story also well shows the appalling damage that disfellowshipping does to families, to people like you and Sam, who would have preferred to just quietly walk away, but instead had to be publicly punished and experience the consequence of losing your mother and the grandmother to your children, your brother, and many who were close and loving friends, but whose friendship was completely conditional. Please, lurkers, think about a religion that would do this to a lovely family, who wanted nothing more than to walk away from a religion that they could no longer support with some dignity intact. Lurkers, please read any independent criteria of cult behavior and ask yourself how the WT stands up to it.

    The WTS loss has been our gain in getting to know these lovely people. I thank Sam, Dagney and Wha Happened for getting in touch with us and helping to make the painful transition of leaving the WT after more than 40 years of involvement a little less painful.

    Look forward to seeing y'all soon!



    p.s. An Xmas card with a naked man on it - brilliant idea!

  • Dogpatch

    Well at 10 AM I wasn't bringing you Margaritas. :-))

    It was my neighborhood omelette (plug) being delivered via bicycle.

    These guys do not believe in doorbells, so next time I'll have to light a firecracker outside or use a megaphone. :-))

    Great story, mate, glad to have you here. Now I don't even have to drive to see you guys. :-))


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