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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I'm not a Jehovah's Witness, nor have I ever been one. (Neither have I played one on TV.) But I have relatives who joined back in the late 60s, and we've heard precious little from them since.

    I've read many JW publications, talked to their missionaries and am at a loss. They seem convinced that the Watchtower Society is God's kingdom on Earth and that it represents His interests on the Earth. That's fine by me, but how in the world does any Witness know, or claim to know, that God agrees with this? As far as I know, no one claims prophetic guidance in the organization. There are no angelic ministrations, no visions from the Almighty, no rushing of winds, no fiery pillars, no tongues of fire or speaking in tongues. Since God anciently manifested Himself by such means, making known His will to men, doesn't it stand to reason that Jehovah's "earthly organization" would have some communication from God to confirm its validity? In the section on mind control, I saw many references to their publications' claims, but it's like the old preacher who says, "Oh, God, if thou didst send me, do thou nothing O, Lord, and I will know assuredly that thou hast truly sent me! But if thou didst not send me, O God, send me an angel at once to correct my misunderstanding, lest I speak falsely in thy name!" And hearing nothing, the preacher went his way rejoicing.

    Alexander Campbell claimed a restoration of Christianity could be gained through a tenacious study and strict adherance to the holy scriptures. "Where the Bible speaks, we speak," he said. "Where the Bible is silent, we are silent!"

    This is a somewhat more rational response, but what do the Witnesses say when asked concerning their claims to be Jehovah's organization on Earth? Or am I missing something? Ellen G. White claimed to have heard from God. So did Joseph Smith. And Muhammad. But I can find nothing that would give the most ardent Witness the confidence to state that his church and organization was of God.


  • garyneal

    According to Witness teachings Jesus Christ returned to Earth invisibly in 1914. At that time He examined all of the religions on Earth and found that the teachings of the Watchtower was the correct teaching. Therefore, Christ appointed the Watchtower organization as God's sole channel on Earth. At least that is the jist of it.

    They use the parable of the faithful and wise servant (KJV), or as they translate it Faithful and Discreet Slave, to support this doctrine (Matthew 24:45-47). Christ returned in 1914 and examined all of the religions on Earth and by 1919 selected the Watchtower organization because He found them to be the faithful and discreet slave.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Welcome back.

    Insanity produces a reasoning methodology that is not understood by the sane. Insane reasoning takes facts and produces delusional conclusions. The confidence that the ardent witnesses have in stating that the organization is 'god's channel' is the result of this delusional, circular and faulty logic by a nut bar in the 1900's who thought he was god's spokesperson. Said nut bar left behind a funded group of power mongers who perpetuated the myth and convinced others to join them with promises of eternal life and paradise for the faithful... It's commonly referred to as cult brainwashing... though some would argue the point.

    You've popped in here now for two years, and although the questions remain similar, I don't see that you have ever really engaged in the ensuing conversation. I'm curious as to why your timing is so sporadic and why the basic question doesn't change in spite of answers given...


  • Alwayshere

    I will try. The JWs say God looked down in 1919 and saw a small group and picked them(JWs). Wish I had the Watchtower or book ( which ever it was). Maybe someone will let us know. They have lied so much and still are,no way God picked them over everyone else.


    The WBT$ Is the Organization that Runs the Jehovah`s Witness Cult..

    The WBT$ is Gods organization because..

    The WBT$ says So!



  • Perry

    When push comes to shove they will bring up Neutrality / non military involvment. This is their ace in the hole.

    When push comes to shove they will bring up Neutrality / non military involvment. This is their ace in the hole.

    The WBT$ and I both own Shares in Rand Cam..

    Rand Cam Builds engines that delivers Bombs to thier Target..

    The WBT$ and I are both INVESTED in WAR..

    The WBT$ has no Ace in the Hole..

    Moony 1The WBT$ "is" a Hole in the Ass..Moony 1


  • OnTheWayOut

    As far as I know, no one claims prophetic guidance in the organization. There are no angelic ministrations, no visions from the Almighty, no rushing of winds, no fiery pillars, no tongues of fire or speaking in tongues.

    Well, they claimed in the past that they were a prophet, granted a composite prophet, but a prophet nonetheless. Russell allowed the belief that he was the Laodecean messenger, the "faithful wise servant" (same as the faithful and discreet slave). They do tell the members that the Governing Body is guided by Holy Spirit or "spirit-directed." Since that really is no different from "inspired" in actual definition, it is semantics to split the two terms. It just allows a backdoor to say they are not a false prophet when things go wrong.

    The average JW member expects that Jehovah's spirit actually comes into the Governing Body members and they unanimously decide things because Jehovah has "guided" them to their decisions. Members expect that there is a bunch of praying going on before every last thing is decided upon. Somehow, they get the members to accept that wherever they have been "wrong" they were just actually a bit eager for the end and were slowly being guided to as much truth as we are ready for. (Sorry that's not a very good answer but it seems to be the reality.) Of course, all of that is wrong. But the Governing Body members are so loaded with cognitive dissonance that they are afraid to even question the reality vs. the concept of how it is "spirit-directed." They have too much to lose by the time they get inside the ivory tower to say "Hey, this isn't quite right." They are taught that the members cannot be trusted with the reality of how things are accomplished.

    Being a JW is all about being "right." Not righteous or Godly, but "right." They are taught that the leaders of the founding of WT organization were "right" about 1914 being the start of the last days. None of that is true, but their history has been re-written to make it seem "right." Russell did think the end of the last days would arrive in 1914, and WWI did start in 1914, so WT just changed the whole idea of what was expected and convinced people that Russell was "right" and that Jesus saw that the WT organization was "right" to start separating from the wrongs of Christendom. Members blindly accept that WT is "right" to say no Trinity, only they preach as Jesus commanded, only they use God's name, no birthdays, no holidays, stake instead of cross, neutrality, etc. etc. etc.

    If your organization seems "right" then everything they tell you about how Jehovah uses them exclusively must also be "right."

  • garyneal
    When push comes to shove they will bring up Neutrality / non military involvment. This is their ace in the hole.

    It is also a bit hypocritical depending on how you look at it. My wife and I had this discussion one Sunday before I left for church. If the Jehovah's Witnesses are neutral in terms of their involvement with government, how come the society gets heavily involved in the judicial system (via it's lawyers, etc.)? Also, what about the individual Jehovah's Witnesses who partake in the benefits provided by the government (disability, welfare, unemployment, etc.)? Somebody had to petition our government officials and elect the right people to make these things happen. Why benefit from 'worldly people?'

    It's the same with their blood doctrine. Why accept blood fractions and blood based medications taken from blood donated by worldly people?

  • yknot

    It is a revisionist retrospective myth created by Rutherford......

    Around the 1930s Rutherford starts the current mythical claim as he continued to ditch Russell's interpretations.

    Ken Raines has got a nice little webpage devoted to this ......

    Should you desire the ability to proof some of the early books & WTs he mentions...


    Pre-Awake magazines:

    Our own Chasson also has a very nice collection you can dl from his site.... (see thread for link)

    ZWTs and WTs:

    Hope this helps some.....

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