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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    On the other hand. I've seen an issue when a couple is getting divorced and the wife accuses the husband of molesting a daughter. The daughter has no memory of it. Is it repressed? Is the divorce because of abuse? Or is the abuse accusation because of the divorce. The man is immediately not qualified for congregation priviledges. Given, maybe he's not being a good family head, what if he's innocent of molestation?

    That should be for the courts and qualified psychologists, psychiatrists, child therapists, et al. to decide. Untrained, ignorant elders should never get involved in any way whatsoever trying to determine guilt or innocence of a criminal matter. Let the secular authorities handle such things, whilst the elder body tends to the spiritual needs of the congregation in the intervening time.

    If he's innocent, then deal with it from a scriptural standpoint as you see fit using Jesus command of love as your guide.

    What if a 19 year old gets in trouble with his 17 year old girlfriend? Should the congregation view him forever as a molester?

    Criminally speaking it depends on the state. In Texas that relationship would not be illegal. The age of consent is 17 and/or a 3 year difference between partners. Morally I guess that's up to guys.


  • out4good3

    Just pick out two or three of the nosiest most gossipy sisters in the congregation and send them a card with an attached article and picture of the perv and let the informal WT information service work it's magic.

  • bluecanary

    I was molested by my step father as a pre-teen. My mother found out years later right after she found out he'd been having an "emotional affair" with another woman. So when I had to tell the elders about it, they didn't believe me. They thought I was just trying to give my mother reason to have a clean divorce. I hate the smarmy bastard who led that JC.

  • wantstoleave

    I like the idea of the anonymous letter and photo :) Good thinking!

  • WTWizard

    If the person has a record of molesting children, and has been found guilty (and this does not mean teenagers having sex with other teenagers--this means actually molesting the children), it is appropriate to mention names. That is the only way parents can make decisions based on all the facts--and for the children to have a chance to avoid being molested. Very often, these pedophiles do more than molest the children--they will seize the opportunity during a hounding call (even if the child is the one being hounded), make the abuse part of the hounding or do it during the hounding, and then threaten the victim with getting disfellowshipped if they speak up.

    It also needs to become public knowledge that a portion of the money donated to the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery goes to protecting those pedophiles and silencing the victims. If people stop donating money, they will not have the money to continue defending the pedophiles, and the whole religion will go belly up.

  • cantleave

    What if a 19 year old gets in trouble with his 17 year old girlfriend? Should the congregation view him forever as a molester?

    We had just this situation in our congregation, a 17 year old boy (over age of consent)and 15 year old girl (under age) were judicially reproved for immorality. Now, 9 years later they are both married (to different partners) and he is reaching out for MS. The branch have said it isn't an issue to recommend him as the age gap of two years didn't class him as a danger to children even though she was underage at the time. I totally agree with this, he is in no way a peadophile and is a great guy. It is a shame he hasn't seen through the JW scam yet.

  • stillconcerned

    What if a 19 year old gets in trouble with his 17 year old girlfriend? Should the congregation view him forever as a molester?

    ok, this annoys me...and always gets brought up as a red herring.

    SHOW ME A SINGLE CASE, in all 50 states, where a 19 year old has been criminally prosecuted for having sex with his 17 year old girlfriend.

    case closed.

    kimberlee d norris

    attorney at law

    [email protected]

  • PSacramento

    I am not sure how it works there, but here a convicted molester is out on a registry and on probation for a very long time, he must inform the office when he joins a "community service" liek a chruch or club and then they enter in contact with that palce and inform them of deatils.

  • wannabefree

    xelder said: the WTS has made a few (but not enough) improvements in policy. But the legal system in the 80's was behind as well.

    I used to feel this way. I figured we are all imperfect, JW's included, this was a problem in the society we live in which all facets of it seems to have had a hard time coming to grips with. Some things just weren't talked about, did not want to be admitted to, ignore it and it goes away.

    But I finally I realized, JW's (the religion) sets itself above EVERYTHING else in this world. Afterall, they are God's sole channel, shining as illuminators in a wicked world, spirit directed. IF that were true, I would expect their ways to be superior to anything else on this earth ... they aren't, therefore, they can't be who they say they are.

  • shadow

    For the sake of accuracy . . .

    17 year old sentenced to 10 years for sex with 15 year old

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