Falling Asleep at Work

by daniel-p 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Parts of my job are sleep inducing - like sitting watching filtrates dripping for up to 3 hours! I usually plug my mp3 player in and listen to something loud on these occasions but it doesn't always stop me from slipping into micro-sleep/daydream mode.

    The worst thing for me though is working in a room with no windows - the lack of daylight makes me (and many of my colleagues) constantly tired - a bit like having year-round SAD.

  • daniel-p

    It's happening again... doesn't help that i was awake all night worrying about my job... egad... now im falling alseep on the job, what a vicious circle!

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Have had jobs in the past where I've slept because of the hours, and because of having a lot of down time. I remember working nights at a Motel when I was going to school, and having a master key to all the rooms. I would find a vacant one and go in and watch television until I dozed off. Or when I was feeling less brave, I would unfold a cot in the storage closet. No chance of being found there.

  • Heaven

    So who has a job that is boring enough to fall asleep at?

    While there are parts of my job I could actually do in my sleep (eg: IPLing the systems for the 50-millionth time), and other parts that are boring enough that might put me to sleep (reading yet another corporate update to our Security Standards), I tend to keep my eyes open at all times as I value keeping this job. A couple of the guys who used to nap at their desks no longer work here.

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