Falling Asleep at Work

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  • VIII

    I had a co-worker who could sleep with his eyes wide open. It was incredible. He would sit totally upright and put his hands, folded, over his belly. He would then sit at his terminal and just stare. I would walk up and ask a question, get no answer and finally figured out he was sound asleep. He started to snore. Loudly.

    I got a group of people to stand around him one afternoon and we watched him for about 8 minutes. He finally snorted really loud, stretched, shook his head and came to. He looked at us staring at him and confessed. He learned how in grad school. Said it was so boring he had to sleep.

    I didn't think it was possible until I witnessed it. It was beautiful. If I could, I would.

  • daniel-p

    Damnit I have to figure this out.

  • daniel-p

    From Wikihow:

    "Human beings can rest in any number of ways, and some can even sleep with their eyes open, as can many mammals and birds (known as lagophthalmos). The most effective way to rest with your eyes open is awareness meditation or a derivative of the many awareness meditative techniques, which are relaxing and good for you, but do not correspond to the same thing as being asleep. Some individuals, especially children, can and do truly sleep with their eyes open, but this is considered a symptom of a sleep-related problem, and not a good thing." http://www.wikihow.com/Rest-with-Your-Eyes-Open

  • palmtree67

    swabs - for any orifice necessary. I work at a med clinic. i open them and pass them to the dr. They stink.

  • VIII

    Figures. It had to be too good to be true. However, in a pinch, it seemed to get the job done. For those days when you just have to take a nap (and are at work where there are no nap facilities), it might work.

  • parakeet

    daniel, try eating a lunch with more protein in it and have a cup of coffee or tea (caffeinated) around 2 p.m. Unless JWN is enough to keep you going.

    When I worked, I would lock myself in my car at lunch break, slap an "I'm asleep" post-it on the window, set an alarm, put the seat back and sleep for hour. It was the only thing that kept me going, some days.

  • Finally-Free

    I fall asleep at my desk almost every day. Sometimes I think it's because I'm diabetic and my blood glucose levels get screwed up in the afternoon because I don't eat properly at lunch, but it's mostly because my job is boring and I get very few calls.

    Sometimes I'd like to unplug a few of the servers just to get people to call me.


  • bluecanary
    So who has a job

    You lost me here.

  • daniel-p

    must... crawl... under... desk...

  • Gregor

    Many cultures recognize and accept the afternoon drowsies and have "siesta" breaks. I have heard that this increases output and quality of work.

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