murder-suicide note Scottsdale Arizona

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  • dissed

    Its just what he needed to do.

    Commit to more prayer, bible study, and of course Pioneer. Works everytime.

    That would have saved him for sure.

    A long time Pioneer sister in our old congregation committed fornication with a man while in the field service. The guilt and consequences were so much, as she said in her final note, that she went home and swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills, killing herself. She left a husband and toddler behind. Her father, a non-JW, who I grew up with died of a broken heart.

    Yup, them JW's have all the answers.

  • bluecanary
    "The money is gone, the bills keep coming and the job I was offered fell through.

    In what way does the JW message help with that? They encourage people to take less work, less education, less money.

  • straightshooter

    The JW good news is not a guarrantee to help in this situation. And when ones come to the realization that the new order is always just around the corner, they become disheartened and depressed. The good news can become a complete negative in ones life.

    But I also know of JWs who continue to endure through all sorts of problems because of the JW message. Hence to say that the JW good news would not always help such individuals would not be right either.

  • sammielee24

    There are people who are vulnerable at some point in their lives, perhaps a mental breakdown or major depression, and during that time they are approached by JW's and fall victim to their line of reasoning. They may cling to the false prophecies and salvation that the org hands to them, but in doing so, in saving themselves, they inadvertently end up destroying their own families. Shunning, blood transfusions and a radical change in faith and lifestyle that once they become well, consists of an end to what was before, normal association and behaviour.

    On the flip side, I mentioned to my JW family that it was a shame that we didn't have any answers for the illegal immigrant situation as they fled their homeland to try and fight poverty there - the answer was 'oh well, maybe things will change for them in the system soon'....sammieswife.

  • JWdaughter

    I think that suicide would have happened were this guy a JW-who knows-maybe it would have been sooner. He had no hope for this world-and JWs are like that-only on steroids. He would have less reason to LIVE if a JW and much, much more reason to think that ending it all now would be the best solution. After all, that way his kids would be resurrected to a perfect earth with none of the tempatations of 'this old system of things', thereby having a much better chance of living forever.

    JWs don't offer any practical help-financially or emotionally.

  • mrsjones5

    The bOrg doesn't give hope. They give out a fantasy. I'm quite near what that man felt but my hope isn't gone yet. Inviting the bOrg back into my life and my family's life won't help with what I have to deal with in the here and now. A watchtower or awake rag won't do much to solve my problems and that's all the bOrg has to offer...rags of fairytales.

  • Joshnaz

    I think that within the organization there are more mental disorders, wheather it be bi-polar, depression, post tramatic stress disorder, ect. I'm sure if examined the percenteage of witnesses with SERIOUS mental problems would be huge.

  • snowbird
    I'm quite near what that man felt but my hope isn't gone yet.

    (((((((Mrs. Jones & family)))))))


  • Joshnaz

    The elders and the org. never helped me when I was in need, so what makes you think you can give this guy what he needs? It sounds like he was in need of finacial problems. When have you ever heard of the JW's helping out anyone outside the org? If you couldn't get him to convert you wouldn't care, you would just think, "Oh well, he'll just die in armageddon anyway."

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    JWs have pretty high rate of depression and suicide. Believing the false hope put forth by the Watchtower might give a person some temporay relief from their depression but once they joined the witnesses and start taking beatings for not being spiritual enough the depression would return and they'd probably finish the job.

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