murder-suicide note Scottsdale Arizona

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  • JWoods
    Should we not be bringing the goodnews of the Kingdom to these people, so they would have hope?

    If I was in that shape, with a gun in my hand, the very last thing that would help me is yet another Ding-Dong - Jehovahs's Witnesses!!!

    Or help the said JW, if you think about it -

  • WuzLovesDubs


    I wish you were kidding but I know you arent. The last thing people need is another promise of some cocka meemee paradise SOMETIME in the future which is COMING its IMMINENT its CLOSE...blah blah blah...that doesnt do them a damn bit of good in this economy and will probably divide and destroy their family on top of their financial woes.

    So, NO you shouldnt be bringing them the JW brand of good news...which never WAS nor ever WILL BE "good" or even useful.

  • SixofNine

    You make a good point, pjschipper. Given the Witness belief that they have just what a person contemplating suicide needs, why don't they operate a JW-centric suicide hotline? This seems like an obvious moral failure on their part, much like walking at a speed that would make a mime look fast in field service, where they also have a "life saving message" to deliver.

    OTOH, if a worldly person commits suicide, aren't they guaranteed a resurrection "in the blink of an eye"? Yet many current JW's will not make it thru Armaggedon (according to JW's own beliefs), so isn't it better just to let the person kill themself?

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    The obituary chasing PJS is at it again.

    No the WTS couldn't help this fellow unless they found him a job and paid for some social psychiatric care.

    Most likely if he heard the whole system was going to come to an end anyways that would have pushed him even more so.

    JWS are vaguely ignorant about human psychology as its known.

    But go ahead chase his relatives down PJS , you might be able to take advantage of their weak emotional state.

  • TD

    It's ironic that you would mention a case from the Valley.

    About 10 years ago there was a Witness mother in pretty much the same predicament. Her name was Michelle. I didn't really know her personally, but she attended my JW wife's congregation.

    When she decided that she could not go on, she took her young daughter to the top of the Arizona Center, a Phoenix hi-rise office building and jumped off to the street below. She truly and honestly thought that she was leaving her troubles behind and jumping into the JW, "New System."

    She did not want to leave her daughter behind without a mother, so she took the child with her, making it a murder/suicide. Again, her thought was that they would both be resurrected together.

    From this perspective, it seems to me that JW beliefs can easily contribute to suicide rather than prevent it.

  • Joshnaz

    When I was a JW I found myself thinking of taking my life. The ONLY thing that saved me was realizing that this was not the lifestyle I wanted to live. After comming to the conclusion that it was to the point where I would kill myself if I continued to be a JW or live as an outsider to all my family and friends I chose the later. JW's are not worth my life. So to answer your question I would definately not recommend giving him your "goodnews"

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Good point TD , there is a prevalence of suicides that has to acknowledged within the WT organization, recognized or not.

    The WTS play a dangerous game concerning people psychology, but then again they don't believe or understand human psychology anyways,

    well at least they think they don't need it since they have of god's holy spirit in their hands.

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    Not because of of the heart warming articles we read of being a Witness of Jehovah.

    Oh no, surely not because of those heart warming articles!

  • undercover
    Should we not be bringing the goodnews of the Kingdom to these people, so they would have hope?

    What utter bullshit.

    What happens when the false hope of this non-existent Kingdom that never comes fades and his suffering continues or even worsens?

    That's your answer to all the world's problems? Hope in a fairy tale?

    Fuckin delusional...

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    "Awake!" is not endorsing or promoting any of the popular modes of treatment

    Of course not, men who have who have little less than average IQ's and a weak educational background don't have a chance of comprehending

    modern human psychology, they get their knowledge and understanding from the readings of ancient manuscripts written thousands of years ago

    by the ancient culture of the Israelites and we all know how non-ignorant that culture was.

    Mind they would probably make for some good ancient Israelites.

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