My mother is really sick--vocal chord disorder

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  • bluecanary

    My mother was just diagnosed with Vocal Chord Disorder. It's rarely fatal but it feels like she's dying whenever she has an attack. The symptoms are very similar to heart attack and stroke-trouble breathing, pressure in the chest, numb lips and tongue. She's been to the hospital several times in the last three weeks and had additional doctor visits so we know that VCD is the problem and not something more serious.

    But it's been really bad this week. The attacks used to be once in a while, last a few hours and go away. She's been feeling terrible all week (which hasn't stopped her from working full-time). It's horrifying to watch her have an attack. She cries like a child and is so scared she's going to pass out and never wake up. The doctors keep giving her different pills and trying different things but so far nothing is working.

    It's just really hard to watch her like this. My mother is such a wonderful awesome person. She's always been my rock. And I can't do anything to help her. All I can do is just watch her be tortured by her own body. I would do anything to make it stop.

    Has anyone ever experienced this disorder or know anything about it? Doctors don't seem to know much about it. We found a website that describes her symptoms exactly, but the cures that worked for those people don't seem to be working for her. I feel so helpless.

  • cheerios

    sorry to hear that bc .. i've not ever heard of that before, but it sounds dreadful. i wish her (and you) the best!


  • bluecanary

    Seriously? I'm sitting here crying and no one can say anything to me? You don't have to offer medical advice but it would be nice to know someone give a fuck.

  • bluecanary

    Cross posted. Thank you very much cheerios.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hi there Bluecanary. I just read this. I am so sorry that your mom has to go through this pain.

    I don't know of anyone personally who has this ailment, but that doesn't change what your mom or you are going through.

    May I say, whenever we see our parents at less then their peak, it can really screw with your mind. It is a part of life, but it doesn't make it any easier. I wish for you bluecanary, wisdom and peace in dealing with this.

  • cheerios

    i guess all you can really do is be there for her, which it sounds like you are doing. be strong, for her and you. and never doubt that we care :)

  • Quandry

    No, I've never heard of it before, but there are so many strange disorders that can occur in life. So sorry your mom has this one. At least it is diagnosed. Hope they can find a medication soon that will help.

  • BorgHater

    A hug for your mum

    And a hug for you


  • palmtree67

    Sorry, blue.

    It takes me a while to think of the right thing to say. And sometimes it never comes to me. I couldn't think of a damn thing to say to Bumblebee.

    Definately thinking of you, hoping for a good outcome. I was going to ask the Dr. tomorrow what he knew about the disorder.

    My daughter had (still has) a pretty serious heart murmur. Her heart races for several minutes and it's very painful and scary for her, she can't catch her breath. And she's in pain for a couple hours after the episode. So I can't even imagine what it's like to have several hours of that kind of fear.

    Hugs to you, I think we were sisters in a past life.

  • bluecanary

    Thank you everyone. Yes, Jeff that's exactly right. My mother is so young. I'm not ready to see her dealing with such horrible health problems. Not that anyone ever is.

    Palmtree thank you for your thoughtfulness. I'm very sorry to hear about what your daughter goes through. It sounds similar to what my mother feels. I, too, feel like you are a kindred spirit.

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