Jesus' Role as Mediator

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  • PSacramento

    As Stephen showed, it is clear that according to scripture, Jesus is the mediator for all, now, who are these "all"?

    All the believe that Jesus is Lord and Saviour, that hear his voice (word) and become "one" with Jesus.

    All Christians that believe that Jesus is Lord, that his is the son of God, that he died and was ressurected and is at the right hand of his father, all are saints and all our annoited.

    The New Covenant is clear, the path to God is through Jesus and NO ONE/THING else, we must accept Jesus as "THE MAN", as our saviour, Lord and sole mediator.

    Anything else is not scriptural, afterall, as Stephen point out, it is PLAINLY stated.

  • Chalam

    Here's another!

    Psalm 49 (English Standard Version)

    7 Truly no man can ransom another,
    or give to God the price of his life,
    8 for the ransom of their life is costly
    and can never suffice,
    9 that he should live on forever
    and never see the pit.

    15 But God will ransom my soul from the power of Sheol,
    for he will receive me.



  • Watkins

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know, or have, the last past study WT where the 'Jesus is Mediator only for the 144,000' is taught? Just tonite - surprise visit from an elder and wife - flat out told him I differ with the 'society's teachings' most in this one point, that the New Covenant covers all believers the same as the Old covered all Israelites plus foreigners who worshipped their God - not just the priesthood and Levites. Jesus is our high priest now and all believers are IN him. He must be our mediator or we have none and are in no 'relationship' with God at all because it's Him that said we must "kiss the Son lest the Father be incensed"... right? He said "oh yes, Jesus IS our Mediator or we couldn't pray in his name" - and there is the deception they teach and yet they're absolutely blind to it - as we all once were - YIKES! I don't know if they'll be back - probably will be 'reported' as an 'apostate'.... whatever... been gone for about 7 yrs now so they're catching on, lol. But if they do come back I'd like to at least refer him to the magazine with that article he can read for himself. It really is all tied up with the heaven/earth thing too - they will not accknowledge the 'great crowd' of John's vision is also in heaven, white robes, in front of the throne WITH the 144,000 - or that those chosen from the 12 tribes are chosen after remaining faithful to DEATH. And the 'little flock/other sheep' non-existant link to Rev., man o man. I asked him if he'd considered that the other sheep Jesus referred to was Gentiles, as Paul propounds quite a convincing argument for Gentiles also being God's people, but not one word about a 'little flock' to whom all[others] are to follow in place of Christ. He said no, he'd never considered that - I don't think he will for long. Also - when Jesus mentioned those 'other sheep' he said he would make them into "one flock with one shepherd" - he doesn't need anyone's help, he calls and gathers the sheep himself! He'd just got through telling me the org. is gathering "Jehovah's sheep".

    Bro. Elder said he disagrees with my view. lol. Maybe I'm one of JESUS' sheep! Well, it took me a couple of years to completely untangle this one. WT is so insiduous, like a strangling cancer sinking long tentacles into soft, yielding mutton. A laborous and careful excisison must be endured, without anesthetic. Just a bitty scar left, lol. But now it's a joy and relief to be WTCancer free - a survivor!

    The releasing of this religion's prisoners starts with questions like these. So if someone could point me to the right articles I'd be much obliged - thanks!

  • Watkins

    Yeah, well.... thanks. not, lol. I found what I needed in the search.

  • Mythbuster

    Which one was it?

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