Armaagedden has come to Austrlia

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  • Satanus

    It's interesting how jws have an aversion to coming right out and saying that their god is soon going to execute billions of ordinary citizens of this planet. People who are doing the best that they can to feed and house themselves and their families. People whos sole crime is that they aren't jws. Most of those people never had a reasonable chanceor even a reason to convert to jwism. ;Course, i understand it, since i used to do the same. They are taught that their god will defintely do this. But then, they are taught to veil this death sentence from the very people who have been sentenced, who are living on death's doorstep. How does it feel, angel eyes, to be cavorting w the walking dead? We apostates are doubly damned, as compared to your average planetary citizen.


  • Jadeen

    doofdaddy, did you get any pics?

  • Satanus

    Great pics, purps. If i was a rich globe trotter, i would have flown there just to see it and experience it.


  • Lillith26

    Wow... a little dust storm and people are screaming armagedon! in central NSW Australia, we get them all the time, not abig deal really, just part of life here... after the long drought we have had I am not surprised that the wind carried the dust as far as it did... It did make for some really good pictures though.

  • cheerios

    Jesus sent men our men out to knock on doors, from reading the book of mary, they were afraid and tearful over the idea.

    lolwut? what the hell is the book of mary?

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    The warning is being given. It is being preached earth-wide by word of mouth and distributed in hundreds of millions of books and booklets and magazines published in more than a hundred languages.

    I live in China lovely people if Jehovah is going to kill 1-3 billion people 'cause they have never seen much less read a Watchtower then he is a bastard and I don't want to know him.

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