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  • wantstoleave

    Black sheep, I think I mentioned something to that effect earlier in the thread or somewhere else on here (lol Ive lost track!)........I remember a few years back the elders saying from the platform that we were now permitted to enter the polling booth, take the paper and if we wanted, to scribble all over it, or mark it so incorrectly that the vote was invalid. We were told though, not to vote. Thanks for sharing the article :)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    We were told though, not to vote

    They were being naughty boys then. Their boss has said it wasn't their problem.

    I left with much of the cult BS still in my head. I didn't vote until years after I had drifted out.

    I hadn't seen the bit in the Bible about blokes not getting their ears pierced so I bought some keepers and put one in. It never occurred to me that the shop might have the facilities to put it in for me. I made a hole with a syringe needle and put it in myself. It's a bit tricky without a mirror.



  • trebor

    I put a mini-book together along with my wife and sent to our family trying to help them see the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses for what is really, an Organization controlled by the Watchtower Society with cult-like teachings and concepts.

    It worked for my in-laws, by my mother and siblings were too indoctrinated and shunned us as instructed by the Watchtower Society. My father somewhat continued to talk to myself and my wife, but now it has been a while.

    Both my wife and I continued to research different religions including the bible itself, and for the most part find ourselves to be "cultural Christians" and more agnostic than anything else. You could also classify us as humanist, perhaps even Unitarian in beliefs. I believe there is something greater out there, but not exactly sure what and have come to terms in not having answers to many questions that use to be answered by the Watchtower Society interpretation of things. At this point, we have eased up on the researched and moving on with our lives, realizing no one has the complete "truth".

    We have celebrated all the holidays and birthdays and absolutely loved it. We're closer and happier people as a result and have made friends with those whose principals do not include shunning you and viewing you like 'the devil' just because you do not believe in an interpretation as dictated by a few men. We would probably be considered pretty conservative by most, and really have not done anything drastic...Happily married, loyal, and in love with each other still. It's coming close to 9 years now married, and we've known each other for much longer than that. We have been out of the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses for almost 1 1/2 years.


  • LongHairGal

    When I first began my fade I secretly went out and bought myself a rosary. When I became a JW I was talked into destroying and throwing away any religious memorabilia and I always regretted it. So, I just had to have one. It makes me feel good even if I keep it in a drawer and take it out once in a while.

    At about the same time I made sure I got together with relatives for the holidays. I also mended fences and re-established communications with relatives and other people.

  • Finally-Free
    When I first began my fade I secretly went out and bought myself a rosary. When I became a JW I was talked into destroying and throwing away any religious memorabilia and I always regretted it.

    Same here. We were a Catholic family when my mom first joined the JWs. I didn't join them until much later. When she first got involved with them she threw out everything religious that was in the house - even things that didn't belong to her, such as my baptismal certificate, communion pictures, and my gold medal & chain from my baptism. I've since replaced a number of these things. Not that I'm super-religious, but these things help me to remember a somewhat happier time in my life.


  • ~Jen~

    Had the best sex of my life, got drunk, smoked a joint, got a tattoo, tried smoking and celebrated a birthday :D

  • chickpea

    first thing?

    i spilled my guts to my family
    all of whom had left earlier,
    telling them all the things i
    had learned on the pages
    of the JWD site about the
    rampant and raging hypocrisy
    of the b0rg, offered a deep, profound
    apology to my children, weeping
    copiously for my trespass against
    their lives for EVER having bought
    the lies of the b0rg and the
    harm it had brought to them....

    then i called the one "worldly" friend
    i had actually made and kept during my
    assimilation in the cult and told her i was
    out.... her relief was unparalled! her 89 YO
    mother had a one word response "GOOD"!

    never had to go on a bender or smoke
    or any of that other stuff, because i had
    already done it all before i drank the kool-aid...

  • zarco

    We didn't change a lot. Before we outwardly faded, I got involved in the Obama campaign on a local level and voted for him. I think the only thing that really changed is that our evenings are wonderfully free for meaningful activity and we take hikes/walks on Saturday mornings instead of you know what.

  • Charlie Cheddar
    Charlie Cheddar


    I did not feel compelled to rebel against the Org by indulging in the worldly activities like those you have mentioned. This is probably because i came into the 'Truth' from the World and had already done many of these things previously.

    I just realised it was a load of crap, and I had been conned, and had paid the price for being conned, and then just got on with my life as normal.


  • wantstoleave

    Thanks for sharing everyone :)

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