So you're out - first thing you did was.....

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Well, lets just say my attempts at chasing women didn't turn out too well... I had all the game of a nerdy, ex missionary JW. Go figure....

    However, that first week, when I was able to come home from work on my 2 old meeting nights, and just sit down and watch TV, I recall smiling for hours. Ditto Sunday. I never missed the meetings or change in routine.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Im never leaving......

  • Finally-Free

    I did it all long before I joined the JWs, so breaking their rules had no real attraction for me. I'm content to live a quiet, peaceful life.


  • angel eyes
    angel eyes isnt a df anymore??? I was told otherwise only about 2months ago when talking about politics and worldly organisations etc.

    Were you told this recently??

  • bluecanary

    I had all the game of a nerdy, ex missionary JW. Go figure....

    Jeff, some of us think nerds are hot.

    I had to wait three months. I just stopped attending but still acted like a JW at work because I worked with one and didn't want to be outed. Then I moved across the country and I was free. I started dating immediately. Gave my mother a birthday cake and gift. Visited my non-Dub family for the holidays. Tried an illegal substance to cure a medical problem (didn't work). Started doing volunteer work. Finally made arrangements to go to college. Have a wonderful boyfriend and planning on having kids, something I wouldn't do as a Dub. Started researching other religions, doing yoga, going to a few church/Buddhist activities.

    In other words, I didn't play around. Once I was out, I was out. And I will NEVER go back.

  • TheClarinetist

    I still have all the game of a nerdy, though not ex-missionary, JW.

    First thing I did was get out and get a girlfriend... being an ex-JW living with your JW parents and having a girlfriend leads to some funny stories, too...

  • Spook

    I had a cigar and read a book - Ham On Rye (Bukowski) - in Lincoln Park on a beautiful spring Sunday morning. Then I walked along the Beach, had brunch with a jamming bloody Mary. Then I started atoning for my past mistakes. I spent the rest of the day contacting friends from my youth and apologizing for the total douche-bag I had been in my teens and early 20's. I wrapped up the day by going to a film festival.

    There was never anything as glorious as getting about 16 hours of time back into my life. I now had time to go to the gym, study, clean, sleep, etc.

  • yourmomma
  • JeffT

    MY wife and I stopped going to meetings in 1988. The last event was a summer DC, we had already been doing a lot of research and went to the DC to take a look at the whole thing as if we were their for the first time. We concluded this wasn't for us, although the DA letter didn't go out until March 1989.

    After that: I grew my beard back, we registered to vote (same day but different places and without consulting each other), celebrated daughter's 13th birthday, celebrated Halloween (oldest child joked about going out dressed as a JW), celebrated Christmas. Along the way we told a lot of family (non JW) and co-workers we were out. Reaction was universally positive.

  • dissed


    "I'm never leaving"

    Well yeah, we all said the same thing. You have already left, you just haven't realized it yet.

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