If you have left, how would you treat witnesss you run into ?

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  • lancelink

    I DA'ed myself back in October 2008.

    I also work at a local community college, where the witnesses have a booth set up during the winter months and usually there are 3 -4 people

    just sitting there counting their time.

    They are located in a student lounge area where I need to cross several times a day.

    My question is this: would you just ignore them totally,

    Would you approach them if they made eye contact, or would you just approach them whenever and say hello ? perhaps their avoidance of me

    would get some of the student curious about their so called "worldwide brotherly love"

    i figure that since I work there, any type of WT rule regarding their opinions of someone who has left the org will not work.

    They are in MY

    environment, and if it bothers them well go back out in service and talk to people doing the door to door work.

    I'm curious as to how many of you would deal with this situation ?

  • Finally-Free

    I never liked most JWs even when I was one, so I'd just ignore them. If they said hello to me I'd respond, but I won't force myself on people I don't even like just to make a point.


  • Lillith26

    I would be as nice and friendly as possible- I ran into my old study JW a few weeks ago in the shopping centre, I was extremly nice, and when asked how I was doing, I replyed with more than enough 'happy' news and even asked if she would like to catch up sometime over coffee.... I have moved house but my phone number hadn't changed....... still no call........ but I am hopefull.

    By showing these JW's where you work, that you can have a happy and fulfilling life out of the WTB- you are leading by example! shunning or ignoring them will only reinforce their ideas about apostates........

  • bluecanary

    I would talk to them, but probably not spur of the moment. I would want time to prepare first. I don't live in a place where the JWs know me but I like to think that wouldn't stop me. I would want to say something to try to make them think. If they behaved badly it would show to the people around them. If they behaved well and listened at least I would have imparted some information which could help them down the road.

  • dissed

    A good kick to the groin? Then I say, have a nice day! Well, that is what I would like to do, but wouldn't.

    I just nod my head, and if they recognize me, then I just ruined their day. "That's the evil one! Quick, someone yell Jehovah!"

  • OnTheWayOut

    Well, I am faded. I would be polite but not have much to do with them. Just an occasional hello.
    If I were DA'ed however, I imagine I would be a real thorn in their side. Anytime it looked like they were actually talking to someone, I would go over and get involved. I would ask every morning if they wanted a cup of coffee or a cookie or something from me, my treat. I would come over and eat my lunch at the booth, bringing my own chair if necessary.

    Honestly, I probably would not do all that. I would probably be polite and have little to do with them. Only if they were real jerks would I do as I said above.


    I`ve got no problem with individual JW`s..

    If one wants to play the smart ass..

    I`m a lot more trouble in person..


  • purplesofa

    I probably would not say anything to them


    would take every opportunity to bring up that I knew they were there

    and what weird things they believe to other students.

    Maybe post something TRUTHFUL about the witness on the student bulletin

    to give those that might be interest a heads up.

    LIke maybe an excerpt or several how they discourage going to college for one.

    bring out the hypocrisy.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I wonder if I could start a Cult-Awareness booth right next to theirs. I certainly would do as Purplesofa suggested now that I heard it.

  • Joshnaz

    I wouldn't talk to them but if they talk to you tell them how much better your life is now. Show them the benefits of being out of a mind controled religion in a tactfull way

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