If you have left, how would you treat witnesss you run into ?

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I always give them the opportunity to act like normal people and be civil. My wife has several friends that will actually talk to me. I they insist on acting jdubby I have no trouble calling them on it. When they have tried to ingore me I have said "what's a matter am I invisible". When we have run into her JW friend at the mall I will introduce myself and extend my hand for a friendly shake putting them on the spot forcing them to be rude in public.

  • WTWizard

    I try to blow them off. I know they are going to try and hound me to go to the boasting sessions, and that will lead to field circus, getting rid of my stuff (Christmas decorations, computer, music collection, and the like). Ultimately, they want me into that Value Destroyer Training School. That does not give me any benefit in trying to associate with the witlesses--especially since there are none that I care enough about to pull out of the cancer.

  • LouBelle

    If I'm greeted I'll politely greet back. These people are not my friends and though some are my family ... are not my family. They are strangers to me and that is how they are treated.

  • undercover
    I wonder if I could start a Cult-Awareness booth right next to theirs.

    haha...I like that

    Even though I have issues with the WT Society, I realize that most dubs are victims, as we were. I also realize they have the right to worship and proselytize.

    I would treat them the same as I would any other religion set up...I'd ignore them but not cause them any trouble. Since I'm faded, not DAd, if I happened to know one of them, I'd speak to them but not about religion.

  • Spook

    It's at your job. Just ignore them, or smile, say hello and make small talk.

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