Why do you come to this site?

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  • sinis

    After all the years I have been here, I have slowly progressed to the point that the Bible, God, and all the other religious stuff out there is just plain BULLSHIT!!! Yet when I first came here and was told by some of the members that that is what I would logically come to, I did not believe them, and yet they were right. I realize that a lot of people on this board have left, or are struggling with themselves or family to leave, yet many still believe. I think a wide variety of people come here, from those that have gone their own way and still believe, to those that have left and believe something totally different, as in not JW doctrine, to those like myself you believe the whole thing is utter bullshit. I guess I still come here to this site out of curiousity. Hoping to find out enough info to slowly poison the beliefs of the few remaining family members and friends who are JW's.

    How about you...????


    I come here because whenever I log on..

    A Beer Tap pops out of my Screen..

    I`m so happy Simon opened the Bar again!


  • bluecanary

    When my mother and I left about a year and a half ago, we were very secure in our decision. But she kept pestering me to look on the interwebs and see if other people had experiences similar to ours. I finally got bored enough to do it and ended up here. It's definitely been worthwhile for me.

    In regards to giving up on religion over time, sometimes the opposite happens. There is at least one poster here who wanted nothing to do with God or religion but became a firm Christian. I think the important element is choosing your own path. Whether you're born into a certain religion or born without one, you feel more complete when you make your own decision later in life. The decision itself is unique to the individual, but the feeling of satisfaction in the choice is the same.

  • beksbks

    I come here to drink beer with OUTLAW

  • purplesofa

    I come here looking for a husband.

  • sinis

    I come here looking for a husband.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA, are you serious? Nothing wrong with that...

  • Joshnaz

    When I first left the JW's I didn't know exactly why I did. I just felt in my heart that something was wrong, maybe it was the way the elders mistreted me, maybe it was the way my family would abolish other family members when they left, maybe it was cause I got beat up everyday in school for being a JW., maybe it was because no sister was interested in me because I wouldn't pioneer and instead worked to become independent and start a carrer, maybe it was because JW's kept saying the end would come and it never did, maybe it was because my parents told me I would never graduate because the end is too close, maybe it was because I was told I cannot go to colledge because how would I find the time to preach? I don't know I can't put my finger on it. Maybe the reason why I come to this site is to vent for all the frustration the JW gave me growing up.

  • bluecanary

    Glad you're here Josh

  • villabolo

    I come here to exorcise the few remaining Watchtower demons I have left within me. Also to be of help to anyone who wants to leave the JWs.


  • VIII

    My family is still in and I need current info on the dubs.

    I also need to make sure I am sane. Knowing that I am not the only person with family like *them* is helpful.

    Also, knowing that I am not the only person who grew up the way I did (we all know which way that was) is very comforting.

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