How many congregations have you been in???

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  • leavingwt

    4 of 'em


    Prentiss, MS

    Foster, Harlem, NY

    Pearl, MS (Yes, the same Pearl, MS where Luke Woodham shot up his high school classmates, after having killed his own mother.)

    North Bradon, MS

  • dissed

    16, does that mean I win?

    The worst? Wallkill - WT Farms

    Made up of 90% Bethelites that were almost 100% self righteous. "The most unfriendliest congregation EVER." The comic book guy

    The Best? Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY - Lot of fun, but with a side story. I came back to Bethel some time later for a visit with some friends. One of them a Bethel Elder and doctor who was just transferred to Canarsie.

    I asked how my old buddies were doing? He tried to change the subject. Clever me, I caught it. He then confessed over 70 were DF'd for apostasy. ALL the Elders, MS, Pioneers, Bethelites! Yowzie! (early 80's)

    Joked with me, that I would be on the watch list because of my prior association.

    I can also share a story on this about him now that I'm out. This is good.

    His wife left him, while at Bethel, ran off with some schmoo, and he re-married a very nice lady. But what I never told him was this. A mutual friend showed me a picture of his ex-wife, a ex-Bethelite from a quazi 'dirty' magazine. National Lampoon. She was in a ad and was posing nude. It positively was her.

    There, I told it, first time ever.

  • Finally-Free
    JookBeard and Angel Eyes..
    Are you sure..
    You two have never been married?..

    Not yet, but it's coming. There seems to be some sexual tension going on there.

    I was in 3 congregations. The second one was ok. The first one was a nightmare, and the last one wasn't much better.


  • diamondiiz

    7 or 8. I DA myself from the nicest (real or fake) cong I've been to but I would never go back as long as I have to follow mind numbing retards in Brooklyn. For anyone to know the truth and go back to follow scum like GB it would be like Jesus going back to Judas and seating him on the left hand of God.

  • brinjen

    Been in 2 different congregations... the one I grew up in was the worst... lots of self righteous people... also a lot of domestic violence as well as various other disturbing situations going on there. Other one was better, but not by much.

  • wantstoleave

    I've been in 8 congregations. All due to moving territories. Though the second to last one I was in was just about killing me! The hypocrisy, the leaving me and my family out, the harassment....and the slander! It was almost enough to drive me out back then.

  • jookbeard

    FF she's definitely not my cup of tea

  • LouBelle

    I've was in 3. Visited quite a few all over the place, even went when I was in the UK - to a congregation in Phelam??? or something like that.

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    sorry i don't come on here loads, but just to clarify angel eyes is reniaa's new name right?

  • jookbeard

    Zombie, no they are not.

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