Did You Reach Out For "Privileges"?

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  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    for you, for me thanks .


    This looks like the Beer and Pizza Thread..

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    No..I did`nt reach out for Sweet Jack Diddly!!

    It was Bullshit and I wanted out..


  • bluecanary

    My brother reached out. He was given microphone duty. One day, he was pulled aside and told he was no longer allowed to do it because he didn't get enough hours in field service. No questions like, "Are you aware of the hour requirement? Do you need some help making your time?" Just summarily dismissed. I believe that was the start of his fade.

  • minimus

    If you don't measure up, you're not a good example. They figure, get your hours up and you'll be "used" again.

  • wobble

    I never did reach out,I was appointed a min serv in the seventies just because of what I was doing,preaching and at ALL the meetings,just routine for me.

    I never desired to be an Elder, and made my independant thoughts known so never was "made up" (an expression I detested)

    I resigned as a Min Serv,I don't recall how long that lasted, but I remember they asked me to be one again ,and I said leave it six months,hoping they would leave it altogether,but they then insisted,as I was doing more ministry and more in the Congo than any Elder.

    I resigned again about two years before I walked away,my sons had left,only one shepherding call was made on one of them, and eventually I heard that the Elders were going to call on me to check if I had studied with them properly as they grew up,as a Min Serv should have, I hadn't done so, I respected my sons ability to make ther own decisions, which they both did independantly, and left.

    So I said stuff that I resign and they don't have to bother to come to see me,they didn't.

    I was happy to serve the Bros and Sisters, but I would not be politically correct just to hold on to a position.

    Doesn't it all seem so very very SILLY as you look back ?



  • dissed

    Favorite CO expression about reaching out for Elder position. He reversed the thinking.

    "You don't step down as an Elder when you leave it. You are stepping up to be a publisher."

    He reasoned Elders are servants of the brothers. "Their is no glory in the job, you are just a dirty slave."

    Yeah right. What planet was this guy from?!

  • Joshnaz


    Sounds like you know me. Thats exactly what happened to me. I was a single brother living on my own at the age of 17 working my A** off to make my rent and pay my bills. The elders stripped me of microphone duty because I could only come up with 8 hours a month to service and was sometimes late to Sunday meetings because of work. When I asked the elders for help they just said, you should go move back with your parents. Thats when I started to fade.

  • lancelink

    One time the elders asked if I would be interested in reading the wt on Sunday, and I said sure thing !

    The next week the SAME elders came up to me and asked what I thought of the public reading, I said that it was fine.

    So he said, "well you need to increase your answering during the meetings"

    I looked at him , said I'll think about it, and he never approached me again.

  • asilentone

    Yes, I did and I became MS for 3 years.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I came in as a young 20's convert with JW exposure from my mother as a kid.
    I came out of a bad personal experience involving reaching my bottom in life.
    I was fully convinced that this was "the truth" and I was a very good drone for the borg.
    Very good drones climb fast. I was an MS within 3 years of baptism, an elder 3 years later.
    The 1995 change in "this generation" came right after that. It totally changed me. I started feeling that I needed to prepare to retire and die in this system of things. I started questioning everything.

    Along the way, I prefered lowly menial tasks over the JW ladder. In other words, I would clean the toilets at the convention but wasn't interested in speaking parts. I was told I did excellent in public talks but I had no interests in speaking to more than 200 people at a time. That meant I was a local elder. and would climb no higher. I came out of the military and, early on, Bethel seemed worse when I visited, so I had no goal to ever go there, plus they mostly wanted 2nd generation kids of JW's slightly younger who pioneered right out of high school. I worked full time and got married and had no real desire to pioneer. I finally did pioneer for a year as a last-ditch effort to see if Jehovah's Holy Spirit was upon my efforts. It wasn't. I went to the school and quit afterward. By that point, I had decided to give normal counsel to people instead of canned JW counsel. I told members to be easy on themselves and not to tell other JW's everything that they did if they thought it would stumble others. I told people they had to work to pay their bills, so if it interupted some meetings or field circus, so be it.

    I went quickly up. Once I got there, I was disappointed.

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