Life can be Fulfilling without the Watchtower

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  • KW13

    Many who are considering leaving the Witnesses are frightened by the thought itself. Let me tell you though, there is nothing to fear. At first though you will possibly feel like there is. Before you jump to conclusions that we made an easy and selfish decision, read on. Would you put yourself through this for no reason?


    Suddenly life becomes a blank page, ready to be filled again. You find many of the things you learned as a Jehovah's Witness suddenly become irrelevant. Before you held knowledge that could save lives, now to most it means nothing. The world seems a vast place, with nothing to cling on to. Did you make a mistake? This is possibly too big for you to handle.

    You fear both the known and the unknown. Nothing seems safe at first. Every aspect of everyday life comes with its own problems. Work, Education, Family. The Kingdom Hall, filled with familiar faces seems so far away. The safety of your former life is calling you, and part of you wants it back.

    You feel guilt like you've never felt it before. At best, you may have lost yourself some close friends, at worst you fear you may have driven a wedge between you and the creator of the universe. Who else is there who feels the same as you? You're alone!

    While your mind is buzzing away, with thoughts about the Watchtower Society intruding every part of your life, dominating your very existence. You thought that you'd chosen freedom, but instead you feel like you've discovered Purgatory.

    Eventually, after some 'loose conduct' to help ease the pain, you find life begins to pick up pace. You no longer miss the busy schedule dedicated purely to one Organization. You feel like an outsider still though. You might as well sit outside and look in on celebrations such as Birthday's and Christmas. There is a feeling in the pit of your stomach now though, that everything will be okay, so long as you can justify your new way of life and find answers. Your certain there are answers out there, but you musn't rely just on what the internet says. You need solid evidence and you won't rest until your holding it.

    You may have toyed with the idea of attending Church, but you worry will only isolate you further from your remaining friends who are still in the truth. They won't condone you fratenizing with Christendom. You may as well tattoo 666 on your head. Church could be your methadone though. A substitute for the meetings. Don't rush you tell yourself, that decision can wait. (Actually it can, forever if needs be).

    The odd Brother and Sister express their concern. They've not seen you at the Kingdom Hall for a while and there are rumours flying around that your reading apostate literature. What do you do? Lie and say that you know that they have the truth or try and justify yourself? It's a pressure you don't need. Go on, just one meeting to keep them off your back. It won't hurt.

    Stood in the Hall, you look around feeling worse than ever. You feel disjointed, and out of place. Everyone is friendly enough, but you feel like there's a wall surrounding you. Something doesn't feel right, maybe it isn't the truth, or maybe your in the wrong and not the organization? When pressed, you can't seem to summon the courage to explain your reasons for 'disappearing' and even worse, you haven't yet found anything to back-up your decision, that is except for those articles on the true destruction of jerusalem and information on false predictions by the Watchtower.


    IF you've read this far, all i want to say is this. Life is to be embraced. Whether you believe in God or not, nothing is black and white. The world is beautiful. Sure, there is violence and some scary things to deal with but with the right approach you can handle anything. There are answers and if you are patient and read with an open mind the truth will become apparent.

  • OnTheWayOut
    ...there is nothing to fear

    Yes. We gave them power and some still do. Once we take it away, the fear goes with it.

    Not everyone who leaves becomes involved in what WTS defines as sins, but some realize their definitions were silly.
    All appreciate stepping off the WT treadmill. Those that do get involved in some "worldly" stuff find birthdays and holidays strange at first or voting to be very strange. It becomes excitement instead of fear after a bit.

    Free your mind enough and you will feel very out of place at the Kingdom Hall. You will know that something needs to be done.

    Great post.

  • TheClarinetist

    I kind of dived head first into sin, myself.

    I really appreciated this post. Sometimes its hard to keep pushing yourself and see the light beyond the JWs. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • TheClarinetist

    I kind of dived head first into sin, myself.

    I really appreciated this post. Sometimes its hard to keep pushing yourself and see the light beyond the JWs. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • SirNose586

    Well written, KW13...only I'd say, I'm not going back inside that hall. It feels too good to be out of there. The last few months of meetings felt like being in a vise. Heck, the night that's now open is like my new Friday night with all the cool stuff that goes on.

  • Lillith26

    Great thread KW13.

    Welcome to the Board TheClarinetist.

  • parakeet

    Not only can life be fulfilling without the WTS, it's almost guaranteed that life is miserable within the WTS.

  • wobble

    I agree with all the above,that crap about no-one is truly happy outside the Borg !!! No-one is VAGUELY happy in the Borg ! (Generalisation I know, but a more valid statement than theirs)

    I am happier than I have ever been in my life now I have left,and I was born and stuck in for 58 bloody years !

    My sons left long before me and my Wife, they are both very happy with their lives and with who they are.

    My life now is not easy, I am out of work at present and I am 60 next birthday, but my life is so so much better, in so many ways !

    There is a void to fill, no more running like a mouse in a wheel for the GB/FDS, but it only takes a short time to fill.

    There are so many fulfilling things to do,helping others in some way is a great thing to do, and a way to make new friends.

    All you Newbies, go for the free life, it is fantastic !



  • wantstoleave

    Great post! Really enjoyed reading it. And it was so true!

    I have felt in the vice spoken of, when attending meetings. I feel there is the 'wall' you mentioned. I neither feel in or out. Kind of like I'm dipping my toe in water....testing it out. Everyone is nice as pie, but I dont feel I belong there. I havent felt I belong there for at least 10yrs. I kept 'in' though, telling myself it IS the truth. And asked myself things like how could I leave and displease Jehovah? I worried too that if I did leave, would I end up like so many that leave, and go 'off the rails' as it were. The thought of leaving and defaming Jehovah's name scared me witless.

    Now I am questioning myself. Is it possible to leave, yet still love Jehovah? Can I leave and still love him, but serve him in my own way - with love in my heart? Does 'wholesouled' devotion and service constitute endless meetings, field service, restrictions in daily life and the constant feeling of not being good enough or does it mean to be at peace with yourself, with those around you, to be a good person and enjoy life?

    Does stopping being a JW mean doing a complete turn around and dropping God altogether? Have we been poisoned so much that we feel he doesnt exist now? Do we then openly criticise the organisation in hopes of turning others against it?

    There are so many questions going through my mind. Which one am I.....what will I do....what will I believe. At this point I would like to just drop everything and have blank thoughts lol. Time to recover I suppose. I think I believe there is a God, and that his name is Jehovah. But do I believe he can only be served within the confines of the organisation? I am not so sure. Do I think he will destroy all that dont heed manmade rules of congregating and preaching? I dont know. I hope Im not alone in my questioning and discovery :)

  • KW13

    Questioning leads to the discovery of answers. It helps us understand everything around us. If you are ever accused of having the wrong motives, turn away and keep on asking. The Bible itself teaches we should ask, and examine our faith.

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