Life can be Fulfilling without the Watchtower

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  • WTWizard

    Life cannot be fulfilling with the Washtowel. While you are a witless, everything you do is what they tell you to. All your time is wasted going from door to door getting others into the same religion, studying the rags, and going to or preparing for boasting sessions. Your money is wasted on donations, gas, and maintaining your car. You just about give your car to the Washtowel (wasting even more money). They intrude in your sex life (and that is if you even get to marry--there are so many rules about mixing with the opposite sex that, even if you don't already have trouble there, they will create problems). No college, crap jobs (and then they want you to work less so you can do more field circus). Dress codes are strict, and you have to spend the better part of your time in cheap crap suits.

    The only thing that becomes more difficult once you leave (besides the fact you lose all your "friends" and family) is that you now have to do your own thinking. While you are in (and if you ever go back), the Washtowel does all your thinking, freeing you of that task. Of course, it also frees you from making decisions for your own benefit and not that of the Washtowel or Jehovah Himself. Now, you alone must decide how to worship (and what to worship, if anything). You alone decide whether you want to go to church (and if so, which church), and when. You might become a regular Christian of any denomination, a Muslim, atheist, agnostic, believing there is a God but not giving a f***, or even a Devil worshiper. You alone make that decision, not someone else.

    You also have to keep track of your progress. You can go to church and find that they are as bad (though not as strictly enforced) as the washtowel, and try another (or no) church. You can find a church that meets your needs. You can be atheist or agnostic and go to church for whatever benefits they offer to the community or to help the community (you can't as a witless), or because of the social benefits (or to appease someone you care about). Try that with the witlesses. Not to mention, you can quit going to church, switch religions (even from Christian to Muslim, or to atheist or Satanism) without being hounded or suffering major losses. Try that with the witlesses.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Yes, and life can be fun without having a root canal. All kidding aside great post KW13.

  • WTWizard

    Actually, I think a root canal is more fun than going to a boasting session or out in field circus.

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