thanks to all my friends on here....

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  • yknot

    In the line with the wise comparison's of SHREK....

    This forum is like an onion, it has layers.......

    I would suggest those of you who are "pressuring' her to layoff a bit as it can become overwhelming. In time perhaps such discussions and question can return but for now let's do a little more to 'get to know' AE. It is hard to be friendly and openminded when some one is demanding a defense.

  • nelly136

    and thankyou for being here.

    its quite encouraging to see that the present day jws are so happy to keep coming back in spite of the borgs best efforts. the later generations are totally disregarding their orders,whether they are outright or strongly suggested. so theyre obviously losing their firm grip of control over their followers.

    who knows by the time the next couple of family generations have passed the jws as we knew them will be a total watered down version of what they used to be and as main stream as any other high street church.

    tis all good.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    thanks yknot and nelly136 :)

    experiences in life mould us, mine have never moulded me into a nasty bitter or cruel person. Keep smiling my friends :))

  • caliber

    Why is it always necessary to turn on the heat ????

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    annie lennox...........LOVE her.............whooo time to dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • caliber

    A butterfly of fragile beauty and love.....what perverted joy or love of power would be cause for me to crush it ???

    but to gently release it.. hoping it too will find its way !!!!

  • janseyhull

    yes, satan does love the jooook. angel eyes , you really rock. Now let's get a real discussion going you bitter apostates!!!!!


  • janseyhull

    owtlaws artistic abilities move me to poetry......would you like to be moved as welllllllll????????


  • AllTimeJeff

    Oh yeah, we need a superbowl:

    Bitter Apostates vs Naive (and disobedient) JW internet posters.

    JW's, start counting your time.

    owtlaws artistic abilities move me to poultry..
    Eggs 2Eggs 2
    ....would you like to be moved as welllllllll????????
    Toilet Reading


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