Did anyone get their "Please come back to the meetings pack?"

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  • blondie

    Did the letter have the "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" on it? I doubt it. It isn't hard to make something professional with a common PC and printer. That elder could assemble any WTS publications and call it a packet.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Good Grief how many people are fading and leaving that they had to go and make a 'packet'.

    Di$$ed, ahhhhh now I under$tand why you are mi$$ed $o much ! Our contribution$ were not enough to be properly mi$$ed . We $uffered from EWS most of the time (empty wallet syndrome )

  • dissed


    Now I wish I hadn't tossed it. My wife looked at it more closely than me.

    The book was definately a piece on coming back to Jehovah's org. Was one like that released at a convention?

    I'm in the printing business and noted it was a quality cover letter printed. It was addressed generically, like to those not attending and signed with a WT signature, not the congregation.

    When I shared this piece I thought it was a common knowledge program because of the official nature of the covering letter.

  • jamiebowers
    Now I'm thinking this is big, it must be a letter from the GB with their personal apology.

    I want some of what you were smokin', LOL!

  • Satanus

    None here. They could find me in the phone book, if they wanted to. I doubt i would be able to read anymore than the covers, anyway. But, if it does come my way, by some freak incidence, i'll share it here, somehow, maybe mail it to someone who still is able to read their recycled crap.


  • BorgHater

    If anyone tries to give me one of those i'll shove it where the sun don't shine

  • tigeress

    ok guys lets not get to negative here. We have to recognise that in this case the JW's did try to reach out, which lets face it is pretty unheard of for most of us.

    So... i think we should receprecate with a pack of our own " Take your life back from this insane cult" pack. whattya think eh?

  • caliber

    It's not fair I want my packet toooooo !!!!! ha ha ha ha !!

  • wobble

    Dear Tigeress,

    You make a good point, I found it difficult not to take a publication from an "Apostate" years ago when he said he would take the WT rags if I took his brochure.

    It turned out to be a fairly good presentation of the Divinity of Christ, it did not, I regret, open my eyes at the time, but I felt it would be rude not to take it.

    So perhaps someone on here could produce a succinct page or two we could hand to Dubs,anything long and needing brain power will not work, just look at the lack of thinking ability,coupled with the lack of knowledge, shown by the active Dubs on here.

    I am not clever enough to do this, but suggestions would be welcome,it would be nice to be able to fight their damp squib with fire !



  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Anyone else get the "Come back to the Brainwashing ,we miss you "packet ??????

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