Did anyone get their "Please come back to the meetings pack?"

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  • dissed

    This was so important to us I forget the dates we got the kit, early Spring maybe??

    An Elder called my wife. He had something very important to give us. Wanted to know when we would be home? For us, almost anytime, we work out of our house.

    She told me about the phone call wondering what he was talking about? I joked he must have had our disfellowshipping papers.

    Later that week, we ran into him at a restaurant. He repeated, "this is very important!", will you be there on Saturday?

    "Sure" I said. "What's this about?"

    "I can't talk about right now, but this Saturday, I will answer your questions." Now I'm feeling like I'm in a cheap mystery TV show.

    Saturday comes. Another phone call. "Will you be home? This is VERY important"

    "Yes. Come on by". Now I'm thinking this is big, it must be a letter from the GB with their personal apology.

    The car comes into our driveway, but its not his car, but some other JW I don't know. So we go out to meet him. Sort of like the prodigal son, but in reverse.

    After proper introductions, he reaches out with "the packet", keeping his distance like he his feeding an Alligator.

    "What's this?"

    Smiling, he says, "Its some very important information for you and your wife to consider. Please, we'd like you to read it together and talk about it. Then, I would like to come back and discuss it with you." You could tell he had been rehearsing this line like a convention demo.

    I promised I would. I lied like a JW. I had no intentions of reading this.

    Back in the house I tossed it on the table. My wife picked it up and translated it for me, seeing as I no longer speak JW.

    "What do they want?" But acting like I don't care.

    "They want us to come back and oh, get this. They have new and improved shorter meetings"

    "Is there an apology for the treatment they gave us? If not, don't share any more with me."

    She put it down.

    Next episode: My answer to the 'brothers' or rather, what I made my wife say to them when they came back.

    Did anyone else get "the packet?" How did you react?

  • parakeet

    No packet. Maybe after 30 years as a fader, I'm considered a lost cause. I certainly hope so.

  • jeeprube

    Where's my packet?

  • dissed


    We've been away 13 years. I'm surprised they even remembered my name.

  • parakeet

    dissed: We've been away 13 years. I'm surprised they even remembered my name.

    Then maybe there's still hope I'll get my packet. I'll have to get the fire pit ready.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    uoooooo a "packet" .....You are soooo lucky ...they must love you best :(

    I think I should prepare a packet for my BOE just in case this happens to us ! One with all my questions and findings since leaving ...... some nice facts maybe

  • AdaMakawee

    They wouldn't have a clue where to find me. My mom would give me up in a minute, but she doesn't know my address either. In my defense, my mom has borderline personality disorder, a more bitter, manipulative woman you will never meet. It's much better this way. So, no packet. Though if I knew they were coming with my packet I might have some fun with it.


  • blondie

    Sounds like some individual BOE's approach to "helping" the inactive. I have the KMs and there is nothing in them about this. Could it be a special letter to the elders, I doubt it since we have active elders that post here and they have heard nothing about this.

  • dissed


    I think what they miss is our contributions. We were loyal tithe giving Nazi JW's.

  • dissed


    Could be, but the stationary was professionally produced and addressed generically. The brochure was a society piece. Paper back. Something to do with your relationship with God.

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