Baptised and on this or other apostate sites - DF'ing Offense???

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  • yknot

    Angel Eyes

    Sadly majority of JWs attend conservative congregations that such association we enjoy on this site would lead to DFing if it was not ceased at the orders of the Elders.

    The WTS is a pyramid hierarchy structure and like all pyramids it must have a large base that supports the top peaks, conservatives who follow without questioning make up this base. I for years thought it was just my congregation but was 'enlightened' after I married and briefly moved a moderate-liberal congregation.

    Take the CO College Outline from awhile back....... some reported strict adherence while I know of congregations that were told of it with a CO "wink".

  • angel eyes
  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Yes, and you'll burn in hell too. oops, I forgot. there isn't a real hell-fire, is there?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    OK, for any active JWs, I'm an elder and I say it's OK for you to be on this site.

    Just make sure not to tell any other JWs.

    Sorry OUTLAW. I just had to borrow your pooch for this one.


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