Baptised and on this or other apostate sites - DF'ing Offense???

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  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    you rock yknot

  • mouthy

    darkl1ght3r Thank you for your lovely observation of me!!!What a nice thing to say.
    OOPS I goofed ( again) it wasnt Russells birthday,but the day he died,I knew him
    & Hallowen was together some how.
    Angeleyes your nose will start growing. You said>>>> they allow us to make our own choices just like the org do.however some on here WILL try to tell you what to do..... :))That is a very big LIE!!!! God hates liars..The ORg DOES
    tell you what to do
    & if you dont do it they give you the left foot of fellowship...So watch it my girl/boy/elder/pioneer.Time counter...
    Or what ever gender you are


  • nelly136

    one of my friends has recently been dfd for being found on the exjw meetup site.

  • straightshooter

    The WTS has condemned any social internet web sites, especially sites such as this.

    If the elders came to know of one using this site, then, depending on the attitude of the person, it could result in a df.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Nathan Homer Knorr (April 23, 1905 - June 8, 1977)

    I never realised the H stood for Homer.

  • Goshawk

    I always thought the H was for Hounder

  • babygirl75

    LOL @ Mouthy!

    I have a feeling Grace is going to go all out this year celebrating Halloween now!!! lol

    I agree that it's not so much being on a site as it is interacting/speaking with "evil" ones. Being on this site would most def be a df'ing offense if the person did not stop or show they were repentant.

  • AllTimeJeff


    What? Like this site? Is that what you mean?

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    No not a liar, we are given freewill, maybe your cong was different but Im in a cong that serve Jah not man.

    We are only warned out of love :)

  • undercover
    Why do those who hate the JW Org. want to be on a JW site?

    Keep your friends close, your enemies closer...


    If you're assuming this site, this isn't a JW owned site. It's a site that discusses all things JW, good, bad, ugly and harmful. Many of us have family who are still active in the JW faith. Their indoctrination into this high control group impacts our life one way or another. Here we find people in similar circumstances who understand our situation and offer support and advice.

    In relation to the quote above, we can also find out about everything happening in the JW world before our JW family even. We can stay up to date on current doctrines and rules without ever having to step inside a Kingdom Hall or scour through reams of publications. Once we learn of changes in doctrines or rules, we can use these things to hopefully help our family see through the illogic of this religion and free their mind of its control.

    But I probably lost you at "keep your friends close..."

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