The WTS and it's members inability to face it's past/history, funny?

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  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Most JWS don't know dick about the history of their own religion, even ones who been involved in it for decades.

    This has been done intensionally by the organization themselves. I spent 20 years with this religion and not once did

    I read anything about C T Russell and the bible student association, the indoctrination process caries with it information control

    that only supports the notion that this really is god's solemn organization here on earth and followers are subjectively programed

    to think that at all times.

    The WTS. was constructed on self commercialized BS and developed its strength and wealth on that singular premise.

    You can also best believe that the handlers of this billion dollar worldwide corporation are going to hang on as long as possible

    for all of the money and power that it has gained.

  • glenster

    The JWs leaders apply their harsh shunning rules to persistent disagrement
    with any of their special rules. Agreement with all of them is required for
    membership. A customer who gets wise to the JWs leaders' methods of making
    those rules seem guaranteed as meant by the Bible by the best evidence and
    reasoning isn't around to spread the information to the other customers for very
    long. It's the best Bible-sounding reason the JWs leaders can come up with for
    damage control given that their customers aren't living in an isolated camp but
    are spread door to door to sell the merchandise.

    I normally never pick on the followers, but since the post asks about their
    allegiance to the JWS leaders, it might be helpful to research how a sociologist
    would describe the ties created when someone bonds with others in their priority
    group. (Their priority group can be something good or bad--from a charity or-
    ganization to organized crime.)

    The JWs leaders have their customers form bonds with friends and family in the
    same marketing group. Persistent disagreement with a JWs leaders' specialty can
    result in being shunned by friends and family. An extreme example of a bad pri-
    ority group is the one created by Adolf Hitler, who imposed punishment on anyone
    who disagreed with his propaganda about his inhumane rules. As compared to
    Allied forces, which sent in new troops as they were required, Hitler had his
    troops buddy together in training camp before sending them onto the field,
    resulting in troops which defended Berlin as the bombs were closing in on it.

    Don't lead yourself on about the effect of an evidential expose. A book on
    ancient astronauts might sell millions and Uri Geller might become a close
    friend of Michael Jackson, but the expose book will only sell thousands--more
    people want to see support that a belief is proven true than see that it's only
    possible or even disproven. An example is shown by Peter Popoff. How much
    better an expose of him as having deceived could you want than the one supplied
    by James Randi on the Tonight Show? Popoff went bankrupt in 1987 after the
    expose but is back now bigger than ever.

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    When reading the new book on Nelson Barbour and his relationship to Russell I was struck by two things. The authors politely say that an unnamed Witness historian tried to stop the book from seeing print because he thought it would show the watchtower religion to be less than divine. They quote from Hebert Stroup's rather disorganized book from the 1940's. Stroup's comment was:

    “There is no unified historical record of the movement and on the whole the present-day followers are totally ignorant that the group has a history. The majority of those whom I questioned did not even know the year of its founding. Many Witnesses would like to assume that the organization, being inspired of God, never had an earthly beginning. Some actually told me that it dated back to a period before the creation of the world. Others said that the problem of the organization’s history was trivial beside such a monumental task as that in which they are now engaged.”

    Being totally ancient, I remember how excited I was when The Watchtower published a series of history articles back in 1955. The excitement diminished when I tried to follow up on some of what was written. The Watchtower organization is only interested in using "history" to promote its view of itself as God's modern-day mouth piece. As disappointing as those articles were back in 1955, the piqued my interest.

    Of course the Watchtower isn't alone in fearing its own history, but it makes no sense to hide what others can find. I noted that the authors of the book editorialize about that over on their blog. I wonder if they're getting fed up with resistance from their own people.

    Both the book and the author blog are well worth reading. They have just put up bits of research on Russell's early Adventist contacts. I’m pleased that they produce the sources for their research, something the Watchtower’s Proclaimers book fails to do.

    The blog is here:

    The book is here:

  • jehovahsheep

    we have been in armageddon for quite awhile and i believe the great tribulation has just started.

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