The WTS and it's members inability to face it's past/history, funny?

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  • willyloman

    "Either they were right, along with what they said, or God didn't choose them, as shown by all the bullshit they said that is no longer believed, and even disavowed...."

    Profound summary. You're exactly right: They can't have it both ways.

  • WTWizard

    And this doesn't even have anything to do with the very origins. People that have been in for the past 30 years should be able to see that they botched 1975, telling everyone to sell out during 1973 and 1974. "Stay alive til '75" was the motto at many a Grand Boasting Session. Anyone that was active during 1973 or 1974 knows this all too well. And the Asleep! in 1969 told people not to go to college, and that they would never get old in this system of things--only to have almost 35 years pass, with nothing happening still. (Note that they are making the same mistake, telling people to sell out because the end is coming very shortly).

    Another thing they botched, more recently, was what a "generation" is. Before late 1995, the "generation" was the remnant of people born before 1914 (they tweaked it from "those who discerned 1914", to make it all the more urgent). In 1995, they changed "a generation" to a group of people sharing the same characteristics--I saw that Armageddon could now be pushed back forever, since these characteristics could be past down generations). And recently, they changed "a generation" to mean "the anointed". This was so recent that many people remember it, and this debacle is online in its entirity.

    What about the blood issue and voting? I remember when both were automatic judicial issues. They watered down the blood issue (simply complicating the matter, confusing patients and doctors alike about which fractions they would accept), and reduced voting to a conscience matter similar to jury duty. And, even more recently, I remember the Waste of Paper Distribution Campaign in the fall of 2006 that was supposed to have set off the Great Tribulation--and it did nothing. The witlesses simply pretended that they never made that prediction.

    One can see even more such issues they are trying to purge, even to this very day. They keep changing things in light of failed predictions--they do not want people to see before such predictions were made and failed. That waste of paper campaign of 2006, where they were supposed to have set off the Great Tribulation, is so embarrassing to them that they have shoved it right back in the corner, hoping it will go away. Of course, such incidents are permanently available online to anyone that cares to search for them.

  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist


    Most former JWs on this site fully accept the facts of the scam they've pulled off for almost 100 years. as just one lie after another. As a former JW, it's not only highly embarrassing, but has reminded me that I'm the one probably most at fault for not having seen through it sooner. Having been raised in the cult, it took me a long time (35 adult years) to see sense and act to DA myself 6 years ago!

  • Alwayshere

    Jookbeard Just keep it coming, I like the Watchtower July,1973 "Showing respect for life" "Is making weapons for destruction consistent with doing good toward all? Would your conscience permit you to share in producing weaponry?" Yet the Watchtower Society owns 50% of a company that makes War weapons.

  • jehovahsheep

    jesus said if someone does not listen to him -that person is not under judgement.jesus words will judge that person in the last day.this last day is the 1000 year reign of christ where all the unrighteous will be given a trial period with true knowledge -then a judgement based upon how they react to this knowledge.the jws have erred greatly when they preach that jehovah is coming with the second death at armageddon.

  • dissed


    Okay, that is some good stuff, but don't give the GB any ideas of starting TV commercials like the Mormons do.



    I would be more than happy..

    To help the WBT$ with a TV Commercial..

    I know when the WBT$ Armageddon is Coming!

    It will be here..

    The day Pigs can Fly''..


  • dissed

    "Ah! The New Order is so close you can smell the decaying bodies!"


    "Ah! The New Order is so close you can smell the decaying bodies!"..

    They travel in 2`s..


    Knock on your Door,with a Watchtower in Hand!


  • shopaholic

    That waste of paper campaign of 2006, where they were supposed to have set off the Great Tribulation, is so embarrassing to them that they have shoved it right back in the corner, hoping it will go away.

    I remember that campaign very well and it was the first one in which I did not participate. I remember everyone being very excited about it and how everyone needed to get ready because the campaign was going to set off the great tribulation. Then...nothing. Absolutely nothing happened. What I found funny is that they thought they could start the great tribulation.

    And then what if they did set it off? What if Jehovah hadn't planned to bring Armageddon for another 100 years? Then those idiots would have to suffer all that time for nothing because Jehovah is not speeding up his hand for NO ONE...don't believe me? Just ask the sick, homeless, unemployed, malnourished, severely depressed, victims of crime, injustice, war, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamies, landslides...need I go on?

    Its common to read in JW literature that one important aspect of the bible is that the writers included their shortcomings and did not simply write about their triumphs or sing praises about themselves. The JW leadership cannot bring themselves to do the same. If you truly are inspired of God, you should have nothing to hide.

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