The WTS and it's members inability to face it's past/history, funny?

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  • jookbeard

    A recent little debate with a couple of recent posters on here I was accused of constantly referring to the past / history of the WTS, even to the extent of it being of little importance to them because of the advancement that the WTS has made up until this present day , and that they made mistakes, so did the Apostles, and we humbly admitted these mistake's etc, the thing is I love studying the history of the WTS, it's failed prophecies/blatant lies/flip flop in doctrine, the outright crazy claims, the Organ Transplant ban, the persecution of their own brothers in Malawi, there help for their brothers in Mexico, yet at virtually the same time condemning those brothers to murder/rape/kidnap/false imprisonment etc, so folks, you will be seeing a lot more examples of WTS history, I'll keep it coming, because the final conclusion will be that the WTS is not the channel that Jerkhobah uses on Earth, and it truly is an Apostate!

  • alanv

    Jb Your right it would be hilarious if it didn't mess so many families up. Quite often when I talk to my witness son about the WTs past I can't help but laugh at all the things I am able to tell him because of things I have learned about them, things that he hasn't a clue about. So I am all for anyone exposing them for what they are, namely false prophets and family destroyers.

  • BorgHater

    I thought i already knew a fair bit about their rather odd past teachings, but since searching online the stuff i have discovered beggars belief!! Although the Milawi and Mexico debacle and the flip flopping on teachings that could cause jw's to lose their lives is appalling, the rest of it is both astonishing and absolutley hilarious!

    Yes, please keep the info on their past history coming - not only is it eye-opening it always gives me a jolly good laugh LOL

    BorgHater x

  • dissed


    Keep it coming, I second Borg hater thoughts. I thought I knew it all but my eyes have really been opened since coming here.

    I didn't know of Rutherford's 'friendliness' with the Nazi's. Unbelievable!

  • AllTimeJeff

    I think a couple of points need to be kept in mind regarding this. (btw, excellent points jookbeard.... )

    The GB knows very well their weird history, and the very werid statements and beliefs that JW's of the 1940's and back used to believe. Why do you think that the WT Library goes back only to 1950? Lawerence Bowen at Gilead directly said that they worried that today's JW's "woudn't understand" what was stated back then, thats why it isn't on WT Library.

    At Bethel, all the publications are available on WT Library. But its on the private network, and you need a password to access it. Obviously, the Gilead instructors had it. Most do not.

    The GB takes liberties to the extreme with old beliefs, thinking that because they have changed, they can be mysteriously made to seem as if they never existed. This is dishonest. It's a lie. It's something that at Gilead I realized as a standard practice.

    The problem that this creates is the self created prophetic identity that the GB applies to themselves. By assigning prophetic meaning to Russell and Rutherford in particular, you absolutely put into play all that they said and believed. This is because the GB teaches that these men were prophesied into being.

    So if their existence was prophesied, obviously, so would their teachings.

    Pragmatically, the GB wishes that they could just say that God chose Russell and Rutherford, make all of what they said disappear, and leave it at that. They can't, so they must play this chicken shit game of claiming the old leaders as chosen by god, while trying to convince you that what the god chosen old leaders said no longer counts.

    It can't be both ways. Either they were right, along with what they said, or God didn't choose them, as shown by all the bullshit they said that is no longer believed, and even disavowed by the current WT leadership.

  • jookbeard

    BorgHater, great name

  • bluecanary

    If the past is irrelevant, so is the Bible. Why bother reading about what the Israelites or early Christians did when what matters is what the JWs are doing now?

  • BorgHater

    Thanks Jookbeard. I do worry it makes me sound a bit aggressive but i'm quite sweet really - honest


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  • AllTimeJeff


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